PS3 Input Lag

Ok, so I read about the PS3 having input lag when playing PS1/2 games on HDMI. But what if I used component cables and set it to 480i. Would it get rid of the lag?

no there will still be lag, when ever ps3 is emulating ps2 and ps1 games, there will be lag, not matter what kind of output you are using

by the way, make sure you are talking about the early 60gb versions, the newer ps3 no longer has back ward compatibility

Even if you have a PS3 with the emotion engine built into it and you set the output to 480i and hook it up to an SDTV it still fucking lags unbelievably.

The only true way to play PS2 or PS1 games input delay free is to keep around your old PS consoles and an SDTV that accepts 480i input without upscaling it.

For some reason even if you hook up your BC PS3 to an SDTV it still introduces lag somewhere regardless of which BC PS3 you have.

I only trust the old consoles on SDTVs.

The other option is to purchase an expensive scaler and plug your PS2 into your scaler and then to your HDTV but a good scaler that can convert 480i to 1080p in less than 1/60 is going to run you at least $300.

^ Not true I bought an HDBOXPRO from a chinese website and it works wonders when hooking it up to a computer monitor. I brought it to a tourney and they were playing 3s and CvS2. I kept asking if they can sense lag and they said no. One of the guys was even able to parry a super with no problems.

The upscaler when I bought it cost around 80 dollars. Now its only 55 dollars. Here’s the link.

Wow, $55.00 + $16.00 for a perfect upscaler box? I find that an incredibly good deal. Tetsuosan, have you had any other players test it out since you got it and how’s the ability to contrast colors? I know when playing 3S on my friend’s 60GB HBC (Hardware Backwards Compatible) PS3, the colors are HORRIBLY washed out and blurry. Does the HD Box Pro give that sort of effect when played on a monitor?

The image for games like 3s look washed out still but im guessing its because the game is interlaced and not progressive. Remember guys Im running this on a PS2 and not a BC PS3.

Okay, thanks for the information man. Still, it seems like a really great product and I know a number of my friends who’d want something like this for their GCs and PS2s.

are the new 120hz tvs a solution to the hdtv lag problem?

No, they are not.

Wow this is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ve been playing PS2 games on my PS3 for a while and I haven’t noticed any lag. Though I’m not a hardcore fighting game player so it’s probably just there and I don’t know what to look for. Just how much lag are we talking about here?

It has lagged (since launch day) by about 2 frames, or 33.3+ milliseconds. It happens because the PS3’s video processor buffers two frames for “image enhancement”. Sony will never fix it and stopped caring about BC a long time ago anyway.

Only workaround is to keep that PS2.

I can’t give any numbers from personal experience, but all over the place, the most common number I hear in terms of number of lag frames is teetering between 2-3 frames of lag. I’m not sure exactly how many milliseconds though.

Well I guess the question is just how much difference would it make for someone like me. I’m not hardcore, heck I’d never even know about input lag if I hadn’t read it on another forum and done a google search. I’d rather be able to fighters with my PS3 stick than worry about a bit of input lag. I mean don’t people still manage to play Guitar Hero, and stuff through backwards compatibility so it can’t be that huge of a difference. Can it…:wonder:

2 frames is generally considered the edge of the acceptable range for lag. I can play 3S perfectly fine on my friend’s 60GB PS3 and you’re right, people play Guitar Hero through BC as well. It’s not extremely noticeable to say the least. But again, most people prefer perfectly lagless gameplay for assurance or whatnot. Me too, actually, but hey, if you don’t notice lag, don’t worry about it too much.

If the ps3 didn’t add the three frames of lag or anything else, would this method still work? Bypassing the upscaling by using a Ps3 that can support the native resolution, and then making it output the 480i? Or would the tv then take the 480i, and then upscale it?

This thread may be old, but on AVSforum it seems the particular TV someone has may be a far bigger variable than the PS3 itself is.

The TV would take the 480i and then upscaling it, so then you’d have lag from the HDTV rather than the PS3 (but you could at least use an upscaling box or other solution to get around it).

You would get no lag with this method on a standard definition TV IF the PS3 didn’t add lag for BC games.

I thought the problem was only when using HDMI since it doesn’t put out a 480i signal so it has to upscale to 480p. Hence introing the lag. Standard def TV’s don’t take HDMI, right?

i read somewhere on these boards that if you didn’t upscale your ps2 games via ps3, there would be no lag is that correct?

This was what was originally thought, but it was discovered upon testing with Composite cables and a Standard Definition TV that the lag happened whether upscaling occurred or not. There is simply a frame buffer on the PS3’s video processor in BC mode (even with Emotion Engine PS3s).