PS3 is blurry and sides cut off on my TV

i have a pretty old SHARP tv and when i connected my ps3 to it (composite) the text is kind of blurry and the sides are slightly cut off. is there a way to fix this in the settings or something?

edit: model is Sharp 36U-F500

this is the tv:


im pretty sure you cant do anything on a SD TV.

Is it just me, or do you have it going to both the small LCD and your TV? It looks like it’s trying to match the widescreen LCD, causing the TV to look wrong.

you are using composite cables, that makes everything look like shit with the PS3. You might as well be using those old RF-Adapters.

Are you running the same PS3 on two sets of cables? (one to LCD and one to the SDTV).

If you are, the side is cut off becase you’ve got it displaying in widescreen, which the LCD can display, but the SDTV can’t.

no no, the picture is just to show what kind of tv i have. in the picture i am running a clone of my monitor through a video out. i just have to resize the screen in the control panel to make it fit the tv.

image is being cut off, because of overscan. Only way to fix that is to get into the service menu of the tv and adjust the screen size. What model and make do you have?

Only newer tvs in the past year or two have finally have options to get rid of the overscan. Sadly, since you have an older CRT, you’re probably losing 7 to 10% of the total image. top and bottom along with the left and right.

Not much you can do about the blurriness on smaller text That’s a combination of both the CRT and the composite connection doing that. It’s too bad PS3 doesn’t have anything to adjust the font size in the setup menus.

I hate to say this, because you probably already know and don’t want to hear it, but it’s definitely worth getting a new TV. a 32" should be around a $500 range. which is most likely cheaper than what that CRT cost you when it first came out.

thanks for the response. the model is “Sharp LCD HDTV 36U-F500.” My family bought it in 2003. I don’t really watch TV at all besides jay and conan and of course sf4, so getting a new TV is probably out of the question at this point :sad:

my tv also has a component connection, would switching to that help at all? the blurriness is not so bad, but the screen getting cut off is what bothers me the most.

component would help with blurriness, But would do nothing for the overscan.

Get component cables and configure your PS3 properly to take advantage of your tv’s maximum resolution (420p maybe).

Your tv is not LCD and not an HDTV.

Yeah, definitely get component cables… it’ll improve colour and sharpness a bit.

Also, just to note, you’re tv is 480i, and not even 480p.

Try this to get into the service menu:

  • power down with the MAIN POWER button
  • disconnect the system cable from the LCD display
  • on the display, press and hold VOLUME DOWN and INPUT, then press the MAIN POWER button
  • after K is displayed on the screen, press CHANNEL DOWN and VOLUME UP
  • navigate with the remote control

Not sure if it’ll work on your TV, but it’s for Sharp’s LCDs in general.

OH, found another method which is probably the one that will work your TV:

Important !
After you get to the item that needs adjusting
Write down the original setting
just in case you have to go back.

  1. TV unplugged
  2. Press and hold the’Vol down’ and ‘channel up’
  3. While holding the buttons, plug in the TV.

You are now in the Adjustment mode

You will be presented with a category menu containing.

Fix Value

  1. Use the ‘Channel up’or"Channel dwn’ to select the category.
    note:Not all models will have 5 categories, some will jump to the ‘Signal’ category.
  2. Use the ‘Volume up’ to enter the category.
  3. Use Channel up and down select the item to be adjusted.
  4. Write down the old value of the item before changing.
  5. Volume up and down adjust the value.
  6. When you have made all the adjustments you want turn the set off to exit.

Data sheets are available for most models. These sheets list a description for each
item as well as data range and typical settings for your model. If your setting is
substantially different than the sheet then you may be developing a problem.

If you get to adjust the left and right, don’t forget to adjust the top and bottom to keep the aspect ratio proper

Why are you so intent on this guy going into his service menu? That a good way phuck something up. The service menu should be a last resort.

if you want to adjust overscan, you need to go into the service menu. Do you know of another way to adjust overscan?

The guys seems kinda new to the different/proper ways to connect an hd device to a tele so he should work his way up. He should focus on getting the proper cable, stop complicating and compromising his setup by running it through his video card running, and make sure his ps3 is setup properly for his tv.

Telling him to go into his service menu, is kinda like disassembling an engine block, looking for a problem just because the car wouldn’t start one day. It can be something simple like, you’re out of gas, your battery’s dead, or you’re using the wrong key. Baby steps man, baby steps.