PS3 issues with zero?



I don’t think marvel is playable on ps3 anymore. I’m not sure what happened. when I played with zero today on a couple stages, I think it started to lag.

I thought it was because I was trying out new stuff with him, but when I activated sougenmu (his clone super), I was certain it was lagging.

The difference was very noticeable with sentinel assist on screen as well.

Now if the other person copied me with sentinel assist and sougenmu, it would most likely lag even more!!!

I think this is a issue that needs to be addressed to capcom. I don’t care if they half-assed this game, but this needs to be fixed.

Has anyone else experianced this problem?

This is so UNACCEPTABLE!!!

note: there are NO SCRATCHES on my disc.

"It's not X you should worry about - it's me!" - The UMvC3 Zero Combo Thread

I dunno if it’s specific to Zero but my bro has the PS3 in his room (got 360 in mine) so if we play on his setup I do notice a lot of slowdowns every 5 or so matches and go “WTF, did you see that?” Course my brother doesn’t even know since he plays Hulk ¬_¬

But yeah the more shit on the screen it seems to slow down a good amount, though lightning loop’s completely unaffected (so far).


I’m going to receive recording equipment soon, and I’m going try to capture the same combo in both games to show the difference.It may sound like I’m bitching, but how can I practice for tournaments if the game lags at random?

lol @ your brother playing hulk and not noticing, XD.


True dat, how frequent is the problem for you?


yes… in vanilla it was even worse than this…
not only the input lag delay… there is frame rate issues with the ps3 version.

I dont know how ppl play it on ps3 in tournaments… 0.o


every time I’m in sougenmu with sentinel assist on screen. or it happens when sentinel is on screen sometimes.
when zero is doing an air combo.

its been happening A LOT! I think that the only reason why I noticed is when I played the xbox version for tournament, then I switched back to ps3 to practice, and then I was like…whats going on with the screen?


How old is your PS3?


THIS IS SO TRUE. I’ve told many people about it and no one believed me
During long offline sessions the lag eventually becomes extremely noticeable on ps3, especially on maps with many flashes in the background.
By the way I have also noticed this lag when I play AE in ps3 offline sessions with yang, and activate Seiei Enbu Super in flashy maps.
I really hope the tournament standard changes to xbox360 or someone help us let capcom know about this and fix it! Even with great execution we won’t stand a chance if we drop our maximum damage sugenmu loops because the ps3 keeps laggin all the time.
All of this was on lagless Asus monitors.


um i don’t notice anything and i play exclusively on ps3. And i play tourneys here in florida on 360. Maybe it’s just your ps3 bro.


…pretty damn old. like around when mgs4 came out. it might be my ps3, but it has a lot of memory.

I will post a vid soon.


Yeah, same thing happened to my PS3, had it since 2007, all games would start lagging during gameplay. It’s the graphic chip dying out/overheating. I had to get a Slim PS3. Try other games and see what happens.


You need to play on one of the lesser console intensive stages, this is a result of console hardware being a subpar PC when it came out and even more shit now years later.

The best stage for this is Training Room as it has the least shit going on, it’s very hard to lag that stage, almost impossible in a real match.
Other stages with very few if any problems are Danger Room, Daily Bugel, Metro City
Most stages can be played with few problems some like Shield Helicarrier (imo the worst stage to play on in any game ever, I will always repick if possible) are problematic for lag or color issues (black on black with shit flying everywhere).

Realistically there isn’t anything Capcom can do to solve the issue, if they want colorful interesting stages with lots of things in the back and lots of stuff happening in the foreground they will probably run into issues with the low specs of the hardware. Luckily they added less system intensive stages which allow for serious play, that was the main reason for the nightime Asgard, Daily Bugle and Black and White demon village (as well as allowing them to reuse models and work).

Seriously though you should be able to play on both PS3 and 360 the differences are so minor that it isn’t relevant, people make way to much of a big deal out of it, if you care to learn more about the actual differences as opposed to the ones that don’t exist or are misunderstood go look up the tech comparisons done when vanilla got released.