PS3 Issues


So I played at a session today and we hooked my PS3 up to an ASUS monitor (the ones used at Evo) and it had a HDMI cable. Up until this point I have always used component cables. Now here’s the problem, after the session when I tried to plug my PS3 back into my TV with component cables it wouldn’t display. When I turn on my PS3 the TV still does that little static shift as if it’s about to display but nothing comes after it. I’m not sure if hooking a PS3 up to a HDMI cable then switching it back to a component cable messes it up or not, but has anyone had this issue?


do a video reset…

with the ps3 on, hold the power button till it beeps at you a couple of times. The PS3 will reset it’s video properties.


oh yeah, if your ps3 is just turning off and not beeping at you, turn it back on and hold on to the power button longer, do not let go til it beeps at you multiple times


I just tried that and it didn’t work. I did some research on Google and apparently I’m supposed to go to display settings and switch it back to component cables before taking the HDMI cable out. So in other words how am I supposed to switch it back to component cables if I can’t see the screen in order to navigate to the display settings.


Turn the system on by pushing the console’s power button (no controller). Keep your finger there for 5 seconds until it beeps at you again. This resets the display settings.


That might also bring up a special “settings” console, so if you are not technically inclined, be alittle cautious of what you do on screen. You do not want to default your PS3 back to factory settings by mistake.


Hold the reset button as you power on the PS3 until it beeps twice, if its not working then you are doing wrong.


Alright apparently I did the power button trick wrong the first time, I got it to work now thanks.


From a post over @ CEX:

"2) The secret video reset

One of the most annoying aspects of the PS3 are its video settings. Take it up to the bedroom portable or round to a friend’s house and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to see anything onscreen because your ‘new’ TV is running at a different resolution or using a different cable connection. And - because you can’t see anything - you can’t change it. Until now. Shut down your PS3 then restart by pressing and holding the power button. This will reset your PS3 to its most basic 480p graphics mode so you’ll be able to see enough to choose RGB SCART, component, HDMI or whatever from here.
11) Dust cleaner

Only works on newer PS3 versions. 40 and 80 gb models.

Simple, power down your PS3 system. Now turn off the switch located at the rear of console. Now hold down the eject button and flip the switch back on. The PS3 goes into dust clean mode what is simply the result of the fan in hi mode. It creates super fast air circulation and cleans out the PS3. Even tho they hardly get dirty, this isnt something you would need to do more than twice a year. But still i think it deserves a spot on the list."