PS3 issues


I’m posting this here since I got no help from sony and also because tech talk.

Anyway my ps3 suddenly won’t recognize anything plugged into the USB ports minus a few things. At first I thought the ports were going bad so I checked the prongs with a multimeter and they are fine. It also won’t charge my dual shock 3 with a mini USB cord that worked last week. And yeah the cord is fine I can charge the controller with my computer.

None if my arcade sticks will work on ps3 now, but they work fine on PC (various pcbs in them - Cthulhu/mccthulhu, zd encoder, ps360+, ps1/2 stick with dualshock1 pcb via inpin adapter, namco stick with adapter, hrap3) they show up fine on PC as mccthulhu or ps3 controller with the inpin and they work fine on ps2.

What’s strange is that I can still use a random iPhone cord to charge my phone and transfer saves and such with a flash drive. Has my ps3 locked out my 3rd party devices/arcade sticks?