Ps3 keyboard and mouse support for gameplay availability?

Hey guys,
I recently picked up Killzone 2 and it’s mad nice. I definitely like the reflex scope (reminds me of COD 4) on it and I’m not a controller player when it comes to FPS’s. I was wondering if there was some sort of peripheral that supports the mouse and keyboard capability that replaces the PS3 Controller. Let me know. :smiley:

Only game that works with a keyboard for gameplay is Unreal Tournament 4.


Anyway, No console games really support kb/mouse. It would be hilarious if it was possible, but I’m pretty sure the console scrubs will cry about it. That add on to make games kb/mouse compatible is crappy from what I hear. With input lag, so it’s pretty pointless. Either stick to PC, or play with controller.

Google around, there are some reviews. It works, but I think it may be laggy. I got Killzone 2 with my PS3 but I sold it because controllers just aren’t meant for FPSs, and tbh any decent gaming PC far outclasses the consoles so I don’t see much point in investing in a workaround for an inferior system just for one or two games.

oh word.
I thought they only make those for the 360.
XCM is alright, I guess…
It’s really not the lag that is contained in the peripheral design because a fps game in a console has different movements (mouse has adjustable sensitivity in a pc, whereas the analogs in the sixaxis, ds3, are used in a shooting game.) It just takes time to transition playing console games using pc peripherals. The controls are delayed in games compared to ps3 analog motions with pc motions. I’m probably not making sense, but if you do understand what I’m trying to say, that’s my thought.

No… UT3 allows keyboard and mouse, full support, as if you were on a PC. Just plug your USB keyboard and mouse into the PS3. :lovin:

Does anyone know if there actually is any lag on this or not? Because it would be pretty much perfect for anyone with an x-arcade (i know i know… it was a gift though) and a PS3. The PS3 recognizes the X-arcade as a keyboard for navigating menus and web browsing, so this would prevent anyone from having to use X-arcades horrible daisy-chain PS3 “adapter.”