PS3 Keyboard

I just want to ask this…

Can a USB Keyboard work on the PS3’s browser…

of course! any usb keyboard and blutooth keyborad on PS3.

any harddrive 2.5 fit into PS3.

the differnece story…in USA consumer buy X360. that Micorsoft also love greedy! X360 had special accessories harddrive and keyborad with pad.

I laughed that stupid consumer buy X360.

Exmaple: you need more space harddrive 120gb is special for X360. it’s about $200

PS3 has any only 2.5 harddrive 120gb are $80 price.

I concur. One great thing about the PS3 is that about anything you plug into the USB works. A mouse, a game controller, a keyboard, a thumb drive, a portable hard drive, a camera, an MP3 player (not iPod or Zune however).

Because of the open nature of the PS3 my company has been able to make several products which work with the PS3 easily, whereas Microsoft will not cooperate with small companies wanting to make peripherals for the 360. Heck, I’m willing to PAY THEM MONEY to let me make a product for the 360 and they still won’t let me do it!

well would the USB version of the I-PAC from ultimarc work on the ps3? I only suggest this cuz if any USB keyboard works why wouldn’t the I-PAC work?

I don’t see why it would not work – I’m sure it would work to navigate menus etc… BUT, the PS3 would probably not recognized it as a game controller within a game, since the device needs to identify itself with the proper “USB input report format” in order to function as a game controller. I’m not familiar enough with the I-PAC to know if you can change the USB report data that it supplies. It seems like it should be possible.

It’s bad news about Micorsoft. It’can’t do over than 120gb is maximum harddrive on X360. a peripherals special accesssy for the 360

Whatever matter it 200gb, 250gb, and 350gb…etc hard disk drive on PS3. Must only 2.5" mobile hard drives fit into the PS3 system. Toshiba, , Hitachi and Seagate…etc for harddrive


oh i forget…can use a cell blutooth for chat on PS3.

A large company make peripherals. Logitech complain about fee pay to micorsoft.