PS3 Lag issues, out of ideas


My internet rarely causes trouble, but I have continually had problems with SF4 and PSN throughout their existence. Recently it seems even worse, particularly with SF. I run a wire from my router, and I forwarded the ports 5223, 3478, 3479, and 3658.

Other miscellaneous network settings I have and may not understand:
speed and duplex : auto detect
MTU: automatic
UPnP: disabled
NAT Type: type 2

If anyone has solved their PSN issues I would love to hear a success story. Cheers.


I just started playing again after a 6+ month break. I have been having severe lag issues in every match i’ve played. When I played regularly i never experienced this lag so severe. My PS3 is wired and the only other thing connected to my router is my computer. I also am experiencing severe lag when playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. It’s completely unplayable online. I thought perhaps the CAT5 cable i’m using is the cause of this, so i’m going to purchase one when I get paid to rule this out. My PS3 is 4 years old. Is there a possibility that it’s starting to die on me? Just would like to hear from others experiencing this issue or who have some knowledge in this department. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


What other games do you play and are fine?

Check your ping on your local servers using , if you have high pings then that’s the reason why it’s lagging, getting low and stable ping numbers is pretty much the most important thing in online gaming, for very timing sensitive games like SFIV ping should be less than 60ms IMO, above 100ms is absolutely pointless in my book, internet speed isn’t that important unless you’re using dialup (256Kbps and faster is plenty for SSFIV, of course make sure to close any torrents/browsing/streaming when you’re playing no matter what speed you have).

Also, obviously you have to play vs people who are close to you geographically, don’t expect to play against people from Japan if you’re from the US and don’t experience lag, that’s not possible.


I think it’s the net code if anything. For some reason this week, the game comes up with a “lost connection to network” message, but that doesn’t log me out online totally. I think it’s on the game’s end that does it.


Yes, happens to me a lot this week.


As somebody who just got this game this week, I’m curious to how the netcode usually is in this game? I used to have Marvel 3 Vanilla but sold that to give me a bit of extra change for KOFXIII. I’d imagine it can’t be as bad as MK9’s netcode, but I don’t know if the PS3 version of this’s netcode is good or bad compared to say Blazblue, KOFXIII, Marvel, AH3, SCV, etc. And yes I’m coming from this as someone that has primarily played Blazblue, Soul Calibur, and some KOF/MK9/bit of Marvel, but I’m not trying to start a flame thing with this. I’m just trying to get some idea of things as despite having a bunch of fighter experience, I figured I should give this new series of SF a fair shot.


Yeah, I can also say this clusterfuck of a situation happens to me. I usually just restart my PS3 cause if I don’t, I can’t join or make lobbies. Weird.