Ps3/laptop/notebook 2.5" hdd's


I have a couple scorpio blue and black hdd’s most are new non retail packaging. The hard drives will fit in laptops notebooks and ps3’s. I removed them from their esd bags to test and base level format them so they are all ready to just drop in and go! All drives were manufactured in late 2010 or 2011 so even the used ones have very light usage. Below is a list of the drives I have and the pricing

Scorpio Black 750gb WD7500BK\PKT $70
Scorpio Blue 750gb WD 7500BPVT $60
Scorpio Blue 1TB WD10JPVT $80
Scorpio Blue 1TB WD10TPVT $75
Scorpio Blue 500gb WD500BEVT $50
Hitachi 500gb 5K500 B-500 $50