PS3 latest update with restrictions os some gamepads\sticks


I just wanned to know if there’s a problem with this latest patch. I’m planning on buying a FightStick Tournament Edition Round 2 this week. So I’m curios can there be some problems with the PS3 considering Sony have banned some gamepads and joysticks of other developers, or so I’ve heard at least. I know it’s kinda unlikely but I’d like to be sure.

Btw will I be able to use the ps3 stick on my computer as well? Say to play SF4 vanilla :smiley:

Thx for answers in advance.

Oh and sorry for my poor English. I live in Russia, so don’t be harsh on me :smiley:


The stick will still work with the latest update, but it wont work with PC without some user made drivers.

If you want a authentic stick that works with both PS3 and PC, get the Hori V3SA Real Arcade Pro V3 SA: Video Games


Round 2 TE is fine. You can read this for more info:

Round 2 TE has problems on PC. Not all chipsets work for it.

Safest bet for TE would be to get Chun Li PS3 TE if you want the best PCB for what you want to do on PC. It is the first and only to be officially Sony licensed, and works on all chipsets. But they were limited edition, and you may not be able to find one :sad: Hori V3-SA is also good for that, though.


Naaaah I don’t really got much options here :smiley: I’m glad I’ve finally found a good stick that I could order from Russia and not from America or smth :smiley: Besides I don’t really need it to work with my computer since there’s probably like 1.5 fighting games there. It would be a good addition to it’s functions but I could live without it being PC compatable xD
It’s one of the best sticks abailable correct me if I’m wrong.
Thx for the quick heads up (: