PS3 Legacy SG driver vs PS4 native driver: Tested and results as of 05/14/16 (Updated 05/20/16)


Ok, I did some scientific testing. Here are my controls:

2x PS360+ boards
P1 in legacy mode
P2 in native mode
1 iL button wired up to 1K on both boards
Vega was chosen for character select since I’m most familar with the character
Attack used is s.LK (1K on the board) @ 3 frames start up, 2 frames active, 9 frames of recovery


P1 at point blank counter hits P2 100%, tested for 30 attempts
P1 at max hit distance trades 100%, test for 30 attempts

We can gather from this information that legacy SG driver is 1 frame faster than native PS4 in Street Fighter 5. This is calculated because P1 legacy always counters at point blank, meaning it beats the start up of P2 native before it becomes active. This is at bare minimum 4 frames, the first frame s.LK is active. At maximum distance, both trade because at frame 3 on P2 native is out of hit range, but frame 4 is active however in the range for frame 5 on P1 legacy to still hit. If P2 native was 2 frames behind, both attacks would whiff or P2 would win depending on how far the hurt box sticks out during recovery frames since P2 would still be active during those frames. From what I’ve seen of the hurt boxes during recovery, P2 should win if it was lagging behind 2 frames.

To be safe, I tested P1 on P2 side and the results were identical.

Basically, every TO now has to deal with the 1 frame lag headache and everyone wanting to use legacy mode. Thanks, Capcom.

Another note, if you’re playing the game using a converter, you’re going to be about 2 frames of lag behind a legacy controller. Brook converters have low lag, but it will still be there. I’ll try to test that situation out if I can. if P2 beats P1 every time, then that would mean P2 is lagging 2 frames behind. I’ll see if I can get some of those going, too.

Update 05/20/16: Adding a video. This time I tested the Brook UFB for repeatable data. This time there is no converter test because I don’t have a USB PS3 to PS4 converter. If I can borrow one I will test again.

Built in input lag?

Just tested out a Brook PS2 to PS4 converter. As I hypothesized, at max distance P2 always beat P1. I did another run 15 times and all 15 hits P2 won. Anyone using a converter is at a 2 frame disadvantage against anyone using legacy mode.

So, what does this mean for TOs? Are we going to rule out legacy mode to even the playing field? Force everyone to use legacy mode? Let people decide what they want to do? I’m interested in how this goes forward.


I wonder if Legacy mode bypasses something native drivers still has to go though?


Some have already hypothesized that the developers for SF5 added a buffer, but forgot to add the buffer to legacy mode. If that’s the case, then the buffer adds unnecessary lag and they should shut it off.

I don’t have access to other games, but if people follow the same controls as I did, and test two identical boards we can try out legacy USF4 mode and legacy SG mode. We’ll need to see if this is the case across all PS4 games. If the other games have both modes trading, or native mode beating legacy, then we can chalk this one up to the SF5 developers. If those games also have legacy mode beating native, then perhaps there is a “native” latency on PS4 drivers, which wouldn’t make much sense to me but we’ve seen some pretty bone headed game development decis


Well overall SF5 has more controller latency than other games this console gen
I think the Latency is intentional to hide the poorly written netcode.


I have a PS4 Hrap V. So the only way to remove at least 1f from the native lag when I play SFV is using a ps3 stick? I can’t use my peripheral in ps3 mode,then? Sorry,but that point isn’t totally clear to me .


Your stick will be faster in PS3 mode using legacy instead of using PS4 mode natively.


This is hilariously upsetting.

I’m both laughing and absolutely baffled by this nonsense.


Good work testing this.

Our local TOs have already banned legacy though. I suspect the same thing is going to happen elsewhere to ensure a level playing ground.
Which is kind of hilarious since Phenom is still playing on a X360-pad ._.


Banning legacy feels like punishing players for Capcom’s incompetence. But 4 added frames of input lag is punishing all of us over their bad netcode decisions in 4.


The one frame difference isn’t so bad, but legacy vs someone using a converter is 2 frames and that’s really fucking the other player. Native vs converter is still 1 frame or less so not a big deal.


I agree with the results… but just in case, will there plan to be a video upload showing these results?


Going to try to get video results tomorrow. I forgot you can upload the last 15 mins of your play. Going to test 2 Brook UFB instead of PS360+.


Great work. Seriously, thanks for going through the trouble to verify this stuff. Awesome.

Incidental, your avatar looks like Vega trying to come to terms with how badly Capcom has dropped the ball with so much shit in SFV.


That pretty much sums up how I feel about the state of modern gaming. It’s not what it once was. Capcom isn’t the only one dropping the ball.


im curious, what is the input lag like for the original PS4 controller? (the Dualshock 4, wired and wireless)


Tried using the HRAP V in ps3 mode,didn’t work at all. Maybe this thing works only for sticks ps3 native or special PCB. Whatever.


My friend owns the HRAP V and he was using it in ps3 mode for the exact reason this thread exists. You’ll need a DS4 powered on and logged in to your PSN, then plug in your stick on PS3 mode and auth it in the legacy controller setting section.

This worked for us no issue, but ymmv.


Uh,maybe I’ve do something wrong. Do the same things,but after plug the stick nothing works. I’ll give another try to check what I’m doing wrong.


The game should see it when you set it in settings