PS3 Looking for a Pro Juri player


I’ve been playing SSF4 AE for about three days now. At first i lost most of my matches because i hadn’t figured out how the custom search worked. Things are going better now that i play against players that are ranked the same as me. I am definitely looking to up my skill though and i was hoping to get in touch with some players who would like (Through voice. Either skype or PS3 voice) take me in as their ‘padawan’ so to speak, lol.

My main is Juri and i have been playing with her the most. I want to master Cody eventually, but for now, I’d like to focus on Juri.
It would be much appreciated to get some sort of masterclass from some Pro Juri players.

Also, aside from all of this, if you’d like to leave some valuable tips behind in this topic, then that would be great as well. Any information regarding Juri and how to properly play her is much appreciated!

Kind Regards!

WeekendWarriors_ @ PS3

Here’s a PSN Juri thread: