PS3 Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO Dual Mod - Questions

Hi everyone

I have just got my stick for about weeks now. I am playing on PS3 at the moment, however, I have heard that there are more players and better connection on XBox for SSFIVAE, therefore, I am thinking to switch to xbox live. The thing is, I might still play on PS3 with some of my friends. So I was looking for a way that I could use one stick for both console. There is dual mod as I have researched, however, all I have found is 360 to PS3. I couldn’t find anything PS3 to 360. Does that matter? I thought for Akishop, I will only need to change the plate inside the stick, right?

Other than that, the stick I own. I am not sure if that can be modded. The tutorial I found online, they can easily take the “top” apart, by un-screwing the screws. For my stick, the “Arcade FightStick Pro Fighter X Tekken Cross for PS3”. There is no screws on top of the stick and the bottom of the stick. And I am to afraid to forced it to open.

So there is 2 option. 1. Find someone who knows how to mod the PS3 stick to 360 (That’s why I’m here!) 2. Return the stick, before the return policy wears off. Get a 360, forget about PS3.

Also, If I mod the stick, will there be any effect to the stick? like laggy, or the life-time of the stick in general.

PS3 sticks can be modded with a 360 Fightpad and Imp V2. It won’t autodetect, but there is no noticeable lag between consoles. It will require a fair amount of preparation and soldering. If you’re in SoCal or can ship to SoCal, send me a message.

What do you mean by autodetect? So I have to do something when I attach the cable the the console?

and What about If I get a 360 stick, and mod it into PS360, would that be easier?

You just hold down the Guide/Home button while plugging in the USB. The Imp V2 settings remember the last console you switched it to and will stay on that console setting until you manually switch it again.

If you get a 360 stick, it could be modded with a ChImp board, which has autodetection. PS360 board, I’d only recommend using on an empty case.

Oh okay, yeah, what I meant is for dual console, I didn’t know PS360 is a kind of board. xD

So If I mod my PS3 stick with Imp V2, I can use that on PC as well?

Yeah, it will as long as your PC reads 360 controllers.

Being an owner of three madcatz dual modded sticks and a qanba, I would suggest to send the stick back for a full refund and order a Qanba. The costs to dual mod along with the stick will exceed the price of a qanba which comes dual modded out of the box (PC/PS3/Xbox). Also you wont be able to chat with any friends you have on Xbox live if you dual mod from PS3 to 360 because the PS3 version doesn’t have a microphone jack.

If you can’t get a refund for the stick and have to replace it for a 360 then you should do it and get the 360 stick modded. Trust me, it’s a lot less work than dealing with a PS3 stick dual mod.

Alright, thanks RoyalFlush TZ and Shinebox for answering my problem.

I think I will get my refund on my PS3 stick. and order myself a 360 stick from Mad catz, and I think I will find ways for mod it later on in the future. So I can play with my friend on PS3. Since you said 360 stick has less problem to worry about, so that’s the main reason for me to do the decision.

If you can return it and get a 360 version, a Cerberus PCB is really really easy to install to make it PS3+360, and it autodetects:

Hmm, do you have basic modding skills? Because I actually just installed at PS360+ not too long ago and it was quite easy. MAKE SURE you have one of those USB cables with the weird “house shaped” end. (you usually find them connected to Printers)

PS360+ essentially replaces your current PCB. You connect the stick + buttons into the correct screw terminal and you’re good to go!

YOU DO NOT have to remove the stick art to get access to the things you need. Keep in mind I KNEW nothing about stick modding, but was still able to perform the mod rather easily. Msg me if you want more details.

(I also have a PS3 SFXT Fightstick Pro)

The Cerberus is so easy to install even I managed it with no problems. That means it’s literally foolproof.

Can’t recommend it enough.

You mean a normal USB type B male end.

Cerberus seems like the easiest to go with. However, they are currently out of stock on Do you guys know if there is any other ways that I can get this PCB online?

TBH with you, dual modding any fightpad is really easy because the points are so big.
I would have gotten a Madcatz SFxT 360 fightpad and a dpdt switch and called it a day. No wait time and done today.

Also qanba sticks are 180

most madcatz sticks are < 100 plus sfxt pad and a dpdt(always auto detect because you can manually switch it while plugged in) = $125 for a dual mod stick.
Shit you can sometimes get madcatz sticks for $50.

I know a couple people that have problems with their eightarcs. Something about plugging it in first on the ps3 causes the inputs to go crazy or something.

I also have the PS3 SFXT Pro,

Did you have to solder back in the button cables? What do you need the cable for?

Did you use a tutorial for this or is there one anywhere?

I’ve just gotten myself into a similar situation as the OP but I can’t return my stick because the 360 ones are out of stock.
So I pretty much have no choice but to dual mod if i want to play Xbox (which everyone in my local scene plays) but I can only find tutorials for the TE or for the 360 version of the PRO i’ve got.


Hey Guys,
Didnt want to make a new thread for this, i have Mad Catz Fight Stick PRO for xbox 360

1- Will the Cerberus PCB work with this? I’m not sure if the website mentions it, it seems to be identical to the SF X Tekken sticks.
2- Also has anyone had any issues with this on PS4? i’m looking to play USF4 and hoping SF5 will add support for PS3 sticks.
3- Finally is this stick any good? i just picked it up because it was going cheap a while back. Sanwa stock parts seem loose, i used to play Seimitsu on my HRAP-2 years back but then all the pro’s started using Sanwa

Yes, you can use the Cerberus PCB with it. I have one in mine. There is an addendum for the Fightstick PRO in the Cerberus instructions; to make the Cerberus fit with the original PCB in the case, you’ll need to break off the original plastic PCB mounts and remount it (zip ties and adhesive cable tie mounts work).

The stock stick doesn’t work on PS4 of course, but with the Cerberus it works fine with games that support PS3 controllers. The newest test firmware has a PS4 mode, but with the 8 minute timeout restriction (similar to PS360+).

Yes, it’s a good stick. The parts are all Sanwa but you can swap others in if you want.