PS3 madcatz fighterpad turbo too slow?

Before I begin, let me just say everyone who uses turbo should go to hell, and if you own one you should get shot in the thumb.

Okay, so I have a ps3 and xbox360 both with the same fighterpad, but the ps3 turbo is about half the speed of the xbox360. On the xbox you can pretty much do all the links with turbo, but on the ps3 the turbo is too slow and you can only link 1 frame links a third of the time.

Anyone else have this problem? I’m just wondering if the controller is bad or if they’re all like this.

Thanks for any info.

Does it matter?

The PS3 TE’s turbo is about 20 inputs per second, so sounds about the same as on the fightpad.

I’m not into linking much but the training mode is really easy when you can link everything by just holding buttons down, especially with characters you don’t use much. I was just really annoyed to find such a difference in 2 supposedly identical games and 2 supposedly identical controllers.

20/sec seems too slow if the required timing for 1 frame links is 1/60/sec.

I’m wondering if it might be a wireless issue also. The xbox controller is wired.

the purpose of turbo is not meant for performing links, in most anything turbo is suppose to be used for 20 inputs per second is fine enough

Prepare to be shot in the thumb.

so what is the purpose of turbo? other than cheating of course.

First, to do 1F links, wouldn’t you need 60 inputs per second (so as not to miss the required frame.)

Wouldn’t doing 60 inputs a second either be the same as holding down the button (if the button is input for the entire frame) or drop inputs (if the button is not held for the entire frame)?

why not just learn the links. They’re not that hard. And you won’t look like a eager scrub on replays. practice links one hour a day. In one week you will have them down, and they’re mostly universal and you can’t forget the timing. You learn how to link with one character and you will be able to do the links with most of the cast.

Playing shmups.

To answer my own question it does appear that the turbo on xbox360 fightpad is at least twice as fast as the ps3 fightpad. The ps3 turbo is actually quite slow, and even stutters. But this seems to be the make of the devise, and not a flaw or an issue with just my pad.

FYI on the xbox you can connect most links using turbo. I guess it isn’t over 60/sec so you will miss occasionally, but you can do 1F links 75% of the time, and 2F links 100%.

What is turbo for? It’s for whatever it can do. I will guarantee you that there are people on xbox360 using it for links.

FYI never have there been 1F links in SF but turbo has always been used for “lazy input” ever since SF2.

Why not learn links? If you can do Ibuki’s 12 hit combos and Zangief’s short kick links with ease, then hats off. The average casual gamer will never be able to do them without a little help.

You can plink Zangief’s (crouching) short kick links. Plinking is more reliable than turbo and doesn’t make you a douche.

Would you mind doing a formal trial? Ryu f+HP into d+HP is a 1F link. Could you try doing 30 trials with each, first holding down the HP button the whole time, and the second time releasing it in between? And then do it on PS3 and Xbox360? I would appreciate it. I tried with Hori HRAP3 on PC SF4, the results were surprising, I’d like a comparison to them to check that what I think is going on is right.

Also, how can you say that 1F links didn’t exist before. Pretty sure they did in some form, just without the applicability of SF4’s.