PS3 Madcatz TE Fightstick Not Working On Win10 PC


theres a thread about ps3 stick windows compatibility that has a link to a specific set of drivers for UHCI devices on windows10. Try searching for it, if it worked under previous windows you can get it to work under win10.


My PC is indeed running an Intel chipset (i5). And yes, it’s true that the UHCI sticks will not work with USB 3.0. But even beyond that the sticks will only work with a VIA USB chipset, which I indeed have installed in my PC. I ran into that problem when I initially tried to get my Madcatz stick to work with SFIV. The $7 VIA USB card fixed that nicely.


Ok, could you try these?


Holy crap…that did it! I swear, I’d buy you a beer if you were here! I now have stick operation on SFV!!

God I love the internet and people smarter than me.


I’m having the same problems as well with a PS3 Madcatz MvC3 version fightstick on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

I have an Intel Z170 motherboard and I plugged the stick in a USB 2.0 port on the motherboard. The computer recognized the stick but does not register any inputs from the stick. I have tried the batcmd registry edit and tried using x360ce with no luck.

Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.


It has to be the VIA chipset USB 2.0 card. The VIA chipset is the only architecture the Madcatz fightsticks will work with to my knowledge.


I think its better to mod the stick that to install a PCI card in your PC.


To each his own, but a USB card install takes about 20 minutes shutdown to startup, and costs $7. How that’s worse than modding the internals of a stick is beyond me.


Alot of people are laptop users or don’t have the PCI slot on the PC any more. PCI slots are being phased out for the smaller PCI-E And trying to find a UCHi complaint PCI card these days are alot harder than just modding the controller. Also the new USB 3.0 cards are not UHCI compatible.


Good points, all. But if you’ve got the slots on a desktop, it’s easier to go that route unless you want to mod in order to future proof yourself.


Thanks for the info. Are there any fight sticks that will work on a PC without any modding? I might want to get a newer stick that will work with the current gen console and PC.


Yes, there is plenty of sticks that work on the PS4 or Xbox One


what do these do? i have a TE2 stick (360 version), and i can’t use it on my Win8.1 PC because it’s unresponsive and drops inputs every couple of seconds. it took forever to even get the system to recognize the stick. would that help with my issue?


I doubt it. Madcatz 360 sticks never used UHCI afaik, and certainly not the TE2.


where i can buy a pcb for MADCATZ ARCADE STICK TE for the pc i want to use in tekken 7 pc steam


Please ask questions like this in the [appropriate thread](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) next time.

The short answer is you may not need ANY new PCB just to play Tekken 7 on Steam…

but to better answer your question:

  1. Is your TE a PS3 or of Xbox 360 version?
  2. Do you plan on ever connecting the stick to any consoles? If so, which one(s)?
  3. Which OS are you running on your PC?
  4. Which motherboard is installed in your PC?
  5. In which country are you located?


why you say this is not the appropriate thread?? I have the same problem the topic say PS3 Madcatz TE Fightstick Not Working On Win10 PC, 1.ps3 ver. 2 I plan to use in pc steam but like the topic say the OS see the stick but do nothing cant map the buttons 3. I have win 10 pro 4.ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero LGA1151 DDR4 5.puerto rico


Well first of all, the last post in this thread was A YEAR AGO. Second, the vast majority of the posts in this thread are for troubleshooting connection issues with PS3 version TEs due to default PCB limitations in relation to certain USB chipsets on PC motherboards.

None of this ties in any palpable way to ‘which PCB do I get for my stick so I can play Tekken 7.’ Perhaps you could have started off with details of your issue in your first post on this forum to help align with this thread.

Regardless though, the thread I linked you to is titled "ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE."
That seems shockingly self-explanatory to me…

Your best bet is to buy a either a Brook Universal Fighting Board or a Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board. Both boards support XInput which is natively supported in Windows 10. I’m not familiar with any arcade parts shops in PR. in PA seems to be the closest shop to you, geographically.

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thx you :slight_smile:


Necropost, but it seems like the place.

I’ve just dug my old Madcatz SE PS3 out of storage and tried to hook it up to my PC and nada. I only have USB3 ports.

Does anyone know if a USB2 hub is of any help in this situation (i.e. plug the stick into a USB 2 hub, then the hub into my USB 3 port). I actually don’t know if USB hubs run their own chipset or if they just do some sort of switching. If anyone knows then any recommendations for a hub?