PS3 madcatz TE problems


My ps3 TE stick suddenly started doing nothing but making my character jump, it’s a problem that started occurring out of nowhere I’ve had the stick since vanilla sf4 came out and it’s worked fine for all these years, I don’t think the problem is with the joystick itself because I’ve completely removed the joystick from the case and my character still continued to jump, if anyone can help me I’d really appreciate it.


I’ve had to replace the control board on mine as it was not responding correctly. One nice, static shock can kill it. Problem is they aren’t really easy to find, so I ripped one out of an SE I bought which worked fine. If you can find where to get them as easily as the Sanwa parts, let me know.


It seems like a control board issue. The up input probably got cross-wired permanently and just does it forever. Will most likely have to replace the PCB.


I am pretty sure its the earlier Round 1 or Round 2 Street Fighter IV TE arcade sticks.
The SF TE Round 1 is known for issues.


Those early PCB’s have a pretty short life, generally. Probably time to replace it.


That’s what i was afraid of, i figured I’d ask here to see if anyone had any solutions to this that didn’t involve replacing the PCB. Oh well time to start searching around for a replacement, i guess this is a good enough excuse to stop being lazy and finally dual mod my stick.


Cthulu and PS360+ boards are very popular options. Both good in their own right.


dont forget the ChImp! love that little board…


ChimpSMD for the solderless install :DD


Solder less instal would be ideal, can you give me somewhere to find one of these magical little things?





PS360+ is also solderless install.


from personal experience, who can say witch one is the better value the ChImp or the PS360+? i’m on the fence about it, the ChImp is 30 bucks, and i’ve found PS360+'s for 60 is there any kind of notable difference between the two or are both pretty solid? if either one works fine then i don’t wanna spend the extra 30 bucks if i don’t have too.


IMO the Zero Encoder is better value at only $20, but it comes with a PS2 plug attached to the USB cable:

To be honest you may be better off trying to fix your TE motherboard first before splashing out on a new pcb. There’s been no documented fix for the PS3 version though, only 360:


Eh, I’ve wanted to look into dual modding my stick for a while now anyway so fixing the board as is would be more cost effective, but it might be more worth it in the long run to replace the board.


PS360+ comes with 360 support out of the box. The Chimp does not. What systems do you want to use it for?


Told me everything i wanted to know right there, i’m looking to use it for PS3 and 360. Would it work for pc as well? my computer uses the nvidia chip set so PS3 Madcatz sticks aren’t recognized by it. would the PS360 solve that problem?


The PS360+ has compatibility issues with some PC’s so it’s not guaranteed. It’s very sensitive to the type of cable you use. Works on PS3 and 360 fine though.


Alright, I’ve found the solution to my problem then, thanks to everyone who posted here to help me out, ill post again if i have any issues installing the PS360, I appreciate all the replies.