PS3 - MKII - Fatal Matchups and Good/Bad Games Thread

my handle is KidQuest, you can read it in red under my avatar. it’s kinda hard to read but it’s there. just looking to get some GGs in.

spam your circle jerking here.

edit: is there anyway to tell who your are playing against? :xeye:

Just at the beginning of the match. If you play Tekken though, you can see their name throughout. I need to play MKII again. It’s a good game. I’ll add you later.

GGs sierra-mist. i died.

friendships still make me laugh. :pleased:

edit: i’m downloading TDR now. haven’t played it but gonna give it a shot.

sweet. ill be on later most likely if you wanna play either some t5dr or mkII tonight.

come on people i wanna play some mk2

'Sup, everyone?, My PS3 Gamertag is: EtotheNGSPD, i got MKII, im not that good, but if you want add me to play some MKII

i’ll play

my GT is rsigley

I’m down 4 it. I just recently purchased MK2. I’m not all that great either (yet).


i wish they had mk3. that game was the shit

2 me MK3 is way better. It had a crazy combo system, sharper graphics, better fatalities, and less glitchy. MK3 2 me is the best MK game ever. MK2 is the second best in the series in my opinion.

cough- Umk3 -cough

umk3 is on 360 if u didnt know

bahhh, what about ps3? i fuckin lo0ved that game!

I’ve been playing that on the DS lately. It’s amazing that an arcade perfect port was squeezed into a DS cart, along with Puzzle Fighter and oodles of extras. Oh yeah, it online, too.

My only big complaint about UMK for DS is that it’s kinda hard to play with the buttons being so close together and the control pad being a bit too loose.

I wish MKII was out for the 360.

MGS4 needs to come out so I can get a PS3 and the this…

I just got my PS3, and downloaded DR today, and MKII will be next. Is there a lot of people playing it? I used to be decent back in the day, and wouldn’t mind playing it again online. Hopefully I’ll see some of you on.:tup:

In reference 2 UMK3 as the best in the series I forgot about MK trilogy, the game. It was essentially “a best of MK” with all characters appearing from MK1 thru UMK3 plus extra characters like Noob Saibot, Ermac, Rain, and all the bosses. All the characters who didn’t appear in MK3 were upgraded to balance with other characters.

MKT also featured the Brutality Fatality which essentially you pulled of a massive combo till the victim exploded into pieces. With all of I mentioned MK Trilogy I think is better than UMK3. What do yall think?

GGS to anyone I’ve played that posts here

Anyone here from New Zealand, Australia playing this game? Can’t find any rooms. Add me if your up to play a scrub.