PS3: Mortal Kombat 2

The Game is Dropping today and it’s only $5 and is supposed to have on-line play. So who here is getting it and want to exchange PS3 tags to play it?

Let this serve as a general Match Making Thread/info thread.


I’m getting it. I didn’t know it was coming today! I play MK on XBL fairly often. I don’t even remember the moves, but I’ll play you. my tag on PS3 is ‘final_cut’

Haha, great!
Fuckin’ eh man! This should be a good time.
I have fond memories of playing my brother when we were younger…
“Get overr heeeere!” … crouch UPPERCUT! x 100

K, so I got this game, and It has lag in single player even on a CRT! is this normal? it controls like crap for me, and I can’t config the controls!

I’m down. :slight_smile:

Play ME.

i think the controls are fine. mk2 has always had a weird sluggish response. i’ve only run into some weird lag a few times

mk2 always felt laggy like io said. its just a matter of you playing very responsive games over the past 13 years since it came out in arcades that you forgot how bad and slow the control was. still a fun game. works well online

I’ve been on since yesterday. Keep an eye out for me. My tag is acx.

Played MrWizard a shitload of sister and random matches. Was fun till the lag started to kick in. Ive also played some of the top ranked players. SSJ4Goku was decent. I cant remember this other guys name but he kept sending shit-talking invites after 22 losses in a row. Xiongbros though is a pain in my ass. I could beat every char he threw at me EXCEPT Liu Kang. And he would only pick Liu if i picked Mileena. And as yall know, the sisters cant touch Liu.

Any ideas how to overcome this?

In anycase, i havent played MK2 in years and im suprised im actually doing well.

PS - How the fuck does the ranking system work? I thought it was streak dependant (most being 22) but im still stuck @ 6.

Once I re-wire my six-button ps2 pad, I plan on winning 95% of my matches.

Too bad lag is somewhat problematic for optimum play.

Liu Kang is a decent match for Mileena, but no match for my Mileena. =)

Gosh, this game is so old.

Cmon shirts, please do share some wisdom…

Are you going to be using a PS2 controller & converter? If so, you dont have to worry about your controller disconnecting randomly like the PS3 pads. Lag is pretty good on the most part. When me and MrWizard played, the connection was really good for a good while. You will occassionally come across some people with a herky jerky connection and theyll attempt to use Raiden (in most cases) since you cant punish a blocked superman properly. Or punishing things like Lius flying kick, Mileenas teleport, etc becomes a slight bit harder.

Or at times, it will completely prevent you from doing a move you want. God knows how many times a sweep or a interrupt d+lk didnt come out.

Just fair warning to anyone talking mad shit about this game on #mIRC who has never played anyone good, and thinks Scorpion can beat Mileena or so and so is the best and “I beat everyone at my local arcade, so I must be good”, you have no clue about this game, k thx.

sorry about quitting on you dream, fighting jax is annoying enough, but playing at 10 frames/sec really sux =P

So some people favor the controls and others don’t? I might get into it but if the controls are lousy then you know…

the controls are like the arcade. the only thing that will throw you off is lag, which usually isn’t bad. if you’re used to uppercutting on a dime or whatever, don’t always count on it

I’ve played a ton of matches, and only a handful of them have had any lag that really affected gameplay. I actually had more matches that seemed faster than normal rather than lagging which is pretty weird.

Has anyone figured out the scoreboards for this game? It’s pretty frustrating that I can’t see my win/loss record, or that after playing a few hundred games I only have 14 points…

Oh I think the online play runs pretty smooth for the most part- I read that there was a constant 3 or 4 frames of lag constantly or something like that, in order to make it play smoothly?
I dunno, but I’m getting used to it. I played a bunch of matches last night.

The game has lag on every match. If you played the arcade versions proficiently, you will notice the timing lag. It is playable, but again, like with any online fighting game, it has its nuances.

io: it’s ok, that was our work connection, which sucks bad.

No proper rankings system makes this less fun to play. Better to play Kaillera at this rate.

I agree about the weird ranking system and not wanting to play as much because of it. I want to see win/loss records. What’s the point of going 152-0 and not seeing your domination?