PS3 MvsC3 1080p or not?

since no one gives a shit and no one is answering in the sticky thread…

some site says yes some no
is MvsC3 1080p for ps3 available or not?

If you’re asking if the PS3 does 1080p, yes. If you’re asking if MvC3 puts out a 1080p signal, yes to that as well.


yeah i asked for the second

thank you :wink:

Anyone got a link as to where this was confirmed?

I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t play in 1080p, but the consoles do upscale.

“im pretty sure” … pls only post if u KNOW it 100% the only console that upscales is the xbox… the ps3 does only scales up if the software tells the hardware: upscale

All but official, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in the works : News :
says 1080p … but the news is old

pls someone with the ps3 version post if its 1080p or not

The Japanese PS3 boxart doesn’t list 1080p.

You can count on 1 hand how many games actually play at 1080p on current gen consoles.

I can tell you 100% that this game does not run at 1080p.

There are basically no games this gen aside from some DLC games that are ACTUALLY in 1080p. 360 upscales them, PS3 runs them native at 720p. I would really doubt that this game is broadcast in true 1080p.

-_- k so the next game which will look like pixelshit on my 54" tv oh man… why did i bought this console :frowning:

LOL@this thread, like the resolution will matter when youre getting stomped by sentinel

If you cared that much about resolution, you should have bought a PC. There’s like four games that run 1080p native and everything else gets upscaled. Get over yourself. The game will look fine.

acutally i only bought a console because of street fighter and mvsc … yeah i know that there are like 0 1080p games, but that news on eventhub made my hope grow… yeah i will get mvsc anyways, but 1080p would have been awesome

The game is upscaled to 1080p. There is not a lot of true 1080p games.

It’s 480+720p native

Thank you.

whats this guys deal? VERY FEW GAMES (most only small games that are downloadable and not graphically intense) ARE 1080P NATIVE. if you want, force the PS3 to upscale.

u cant only if the software supports it… as i said above the ps3 cant force any game to do 1080p without the software is supporting it because ps3 has no hardware upscaler like xbox 360… i dont care if its not nativ 1080p it just has to be 1080p… u know what i mean? damn my english -_-

that what suparnova said is what i meant… so it does support 1080p… oh god my dream will come true

And you will be playing with input delay, have fun with that.

This is a pretty big deal to me too, so I’d like to confirm I’m on the right page.

MvC3 runs in 720p native, understood. BUT, does it support forced 1080p upscaling on PS3? i.e. disable 720p/1080i and MvC3 will upscale to 1080p?

I only care because my HDTV can run 1080p HDMI sources in DVI mode which has the least lag on my set.

Doesn’t matter how much lag the TV itself causes. The PS3 itself is gonna introduce even more lag on top of the lag already caused by your TV.

still if one PS3 guy got the game… pls tell if it runs in 1080p if u disable 720p !
need an 100% clear answer