PS3 Neogeo stick to 360


Has anyone seen the PS3 Neogeo fightstick converted for 360 use? I want one, but they’re expensive enough as it is, and I would like it to be compatible with my system of choice.


You can get it for any system you want just PM Gummo about it you will probably have to pick an old AES one from ebay or something


I’m capable enough to do it myself, I was just wondering if it had been done before, due to PCB placement and wiring and such.

God damn, these sticks are fucking expensive. For a four button stick…


Just pachack a FightPad and stick it in.


If it’s the EXAR Neo Geo 2 stick, the PCB should be compatible with a padhack or at least I know the EXAR KOFXII stick is because I personally had it done for mine.


Alright, thanks, guys!


Ive got a PS3 neo geo stick I could part with for much less than retail :slight_smile: