PS3 Network Setup


Hi, finally got a ps3 afew days ago :lovin: . And im trying to get everything setup.

I have AT&T broadband and a Linksys WRT54GS router. I have already bridged my modem to my router via ATT customer service. But now i want to config my router/ps3 correctly. Im getting alot of slowdown/error on my ps3 and extreme slowdowns on my desktop thats hooked up to the same router.
Last night I eneable DMZ to open up all the ports. Seems to be doing better. But can someone tell me if theres a better way? Im pretty slow when it comes to networking.

ps- not sure if this is in the right section




Try this site.


make sure to secure the network so no one else is using your service.


Is there any particular reason you’re still using the Linksys? If it’s a 2Wire modem you should be able to use it as-is.


Yeah, i have a wep set up.

hika- It has only one wire coming from the modem for internet connection. So i have to use the router. I have a pc and ps3 i want to run internet cables to.


Try enabling UPnP on both the router and in the PS3. If that is still giving you problems or doesn’t improve anything, disable UPnP on both the router and PS3 and route the forward the ports manually.