PS3 online at college? help?


seemed like the best thread to post this in.

basically i moved away to college. living in a dorm room and the internet here is pretty nice. problem is i can get online with my PS3. it isnt because it is block but b/c you have to log onto the network with your student ID and password.

the PS3 shows that it is connected to the router here but since i cant get passed that ID/password part it wont go any farther.

i can use the web browser on it just can connect to PSN.

any ideas?

if this is in the wrong thread then im sorry.


Contact your campus network ISP. My campus was like that. You probably need to talk to them about having your MAC address allowed online without the need to log in so that you can play games. You may need to look for something like “device registration”. My campus was like that. To find your PS3’s MAC address, go under Settings>System Settings>Networking Settings


I’d assume you’d have to register your PS3 mac-address then login through the browser.


hmmmmm. never had to do that before. ill give it a try.


Radius Server needs to add your NIC’s MAC addy to the arp table? Tether your smart phone? Do it.