PS3 Online Lag/Connection drops/desyncing?


Just got a PS3 to play Ultra on since it’s not available on PC yet. I have a fiber-optic internet connection with very low ping and high bandwidth. I play on WIRED connection to my PS3. I have been playing endless and I only join/play against green bar connection opponents.

Is it just me or are all of you experiencing severe lag issues? Every other game I get a message “Error- connection lost to opponent/host” and mid-match the game will pause briefly and i see messages “waiting for other players to join” and it fucks up the round. Also, noticed a lot of inputs not coming out when i know i clearly entered them.

I am seriously disappointed with Ultra right now. Online is a laggy fuck-fest right now. AE was never ever this bad.


Happens to me on 360, if I play ranked I’ll play one game and it will run fine but when I search again everyone will have red bars for 3-5 min then it will go back to normal. I was playing a friend who lives about 10 min away from me yesterday in endless and it was doing the same thing after every match we would both have red bars for a couple minutes then it would be fine.

SF4 is the only game I have connection issues with


Crapcom needs to address this quickly. I am tired of their BS.