PS3 online players VS 360 online players

I personally feel that PS3 online players are A LOT better than 360 online players.
I always play on PS3 online, and when I went to my friend’s house to play on his 360, the players are worse, BUT it is a lot more fluent and easier to find games with almost no lag.

Does anybody feel that way as well or know why?

That’s probably because most 360 users are using that terrible controller. The number of pad players most likely outnumber the amount of stick players. If you can play good with the 360 controller that’s fine.

They love great stories. And you’ll fit right in too.

And no. Both have their have their share of shoryuken spamming Ryus and Hadoken spamming Akumas from my experience

The best Brazilian SF4 player plays on PSN.

It’s obvious that the immense lag on the Playstation Network makes it more difficult to pull of moves on your opponent, making them seem more skilled and harder to win against.

Xbox Live with it’s superior network technology allows you to do everything with ease.

why are people using the xbox pad?

your suppose to use the analog stupid.

Brazil has the worst fucking internet interface on the planet. Them fuckers are on the internet with a cup and string connection.

Suuuuuure Mr.Stereotype, and what the fuck does this even have to do with my post or even the thread ?
Are the drugs showing your xenophobic side or something ?
Your hate is so blind you probably hate yourself without even knowing it.

EDIT: Just checked your infractions, I should have guessed you’re a X360 fanboy and that’s why you posted this stupidity (and probably negged me).

Does it matter? No serious player will gauge themselves on online play.



I think we all can agree that PC has the worst online players…

The fact that I actually have a winning record is a testament to that :blush:

and who says that 09’ers make the shitty threads eh?

shut up ya dumb oh niner.

Also, on PS3, there are countless bad players. I had a streak going on Ranked last night not using my main, with or without lag. This is to say that no matter what system you play the game on, the scrubs outnumber the people who know things like combos, frame data, mind games, rational moves etc. tenfold.

just play!

I play on both and the skill level is basically the same. There is also not more lag on ps3, more connection porblems maybe but not more lag. Its the same netcode.

I really dont care about what system you play on. What I care is that somehow your country allows itself on the internet and the rest of the world has to deal with your bullshit lag. I avoid all Brazilians on 2DF.

I didnt neg you, but I will now. My infractions were over a year ago.:lol:

i have to agree with the op - my winning % on psn is 14% and on xbox live its 33.33% - i’ve won a lot more matches on the xbox 360 by faaaaaaaar.

any way, there was a time when i logged on just yesterday where i played 6/7 straight kens. it was ridiculous. =/

i dunno man i play american players at least 85% of the time…and at least 90% of them have a crapy conection…could be that im playin on ps3 tho…still comes off sounding a bit racist generalizing an entire country like that

Have you ever been on 2DF?:lol:

i learned the game on xbox and found comp was always tough…but my xbox took a dumb and i had to get it repaired, so in the meantime i rented it on ps3 and right off the bat won 45 in a row. i didnt find consistently good comp until i hit g1 on ps3. on 360 there is decent comp in g2 and g1 is brutal. my best streak on 360 is only like 24.

but not like it matters, the best players are offline.