PS3 or 360


i am want to build my own arcade cabinet and I have all of the plans order but i am trying to figure out which console to put in my arcade. I already have a 360. Should I buy another 360 for my arcade or should I get a PS3 ??


Honestly it is up to you what gaming system you choose?
Any gaming console can be used (every thing from Atari 2600 to a Xbox 360 or PS3) for such a project or you even can use a PC.

My best advice, choose which system has the majority of the games you want

Please take in account air ventilation for your console.


i guess i should have mentioned that i will also be adding in a Dreamcast and a PC into the cabinet as well:), which one (360 or PS3) is the easiest to wire up controls, and how well does a PS3 handle heat? Also is there any good PS3 exclusive fighters out there?


In general the PS3 handles heat better than a XBox 360.
Newer Xbox 360 units do not have the issues the Elite models do (models that lack HDMI)

But in ether regards you want proper ventilation for the gaming systems below.Take in consideration of air space, vents and possible addition of cooling fans.
There are also some good PCB options for game controller PCBs for the PS3 over the Xbox 360.
If you doing a PS3/ Dreamcast / PC setup you only need a MC Cthulhu instead of wiring up a dual-mod to add a pad Hacked Xbox 360 controller.

As for exclusives, The PSN store has a few PS1 titles that the XBLA lacks