PS3 or XBOX 360, which system is best for fighting games?


I don’t know if this question has been posted or not, and sorry of it has,but I was wondering which system is better for fighting games?

I have a stick for the PS3 already and I would buy another for the 360.

so which one would have better online with minimum lag and more people to go against?and which is console is used more in tournaments?

not trying to start a console war, so please keep that in mind.

thanks in advance!


I own both and there is no real difference at all. Anyone who tells you they can tell a difference is just trying to get you to have the same system they have just to get more people to play with. “But there is a one frame difference between system x and system y” blah blah blah. that is 1/60 of a second :slight_smile:


Yeah there is very little difference for fighting games, frames and online is pretty much the same, there are very rarely exclusives and tourneys generally seem to be 50/50 whether they are on 360 or ps3.
So if you have got a ps3 and a stick for it you might aswell just stay with that


I have sf4 for both systems, and the time spent searching for matches and entering matches seems significantly shorter on the 360. Although some tourneys are PS3 only, if you choose to go xbox, its also WAYYYYY easier for a local stick-modder to put a dual mod board in a 360 stick. THen you can play anywhere no matter what the console!

I’d also say it seems like more people play on the 360, but you also have to pay for xbox live.

Good luck with your systems purchase!!! If you have a decent job, just get both, there’s a ton of worthwhile system exclusives, and being able to watch blu-rays certainly is nice.


Xbl generally has a superior matchmaking service with a somewhat higher level skill base, since the majority of the fighting game community is on xbox. That being said, there’s still good competition to be found on ps3, plus the online service is free for PS3.

Most tournaments use xboxs, with the notable exception of Evo, which has always used PS3. Your best bet is to check with your local tournament scene and see what they’re running on, and you should follow suit, so that you have an offline setting in which you can test your skills that you’ve honed back home and online.

As far as lag goes, that depends entirely on your internet connection and how well you’ve set up your port forwarding system. Unfortunately, unless you live in Europe or Japan, the internet service won’t be identical to the offline experience, and lag will play a factor in your matches.

Also there are timing differences between the xbox and ps3, not to mention input delay depending on which monitor you’re using. These differences are fairly negligible until you start travelling to different offline events that use a different setup than what you have at home, where you’ll begin to feel these slight delays that vary by a few frames.


All I know is when I play online on xbox the connection is clean, but when I play on my ps3 I have a bad connection. Idk if it’s because I’m in hawaii or what. But my xbox is on wifi and ps3 is direct connect and its still bad.


There are several variables that decide which is better. I’ve played sf4 on both consoles plus PC and all 3 of them have mediocre online quality (with PC being the best one for me). Everybody has a different experience on what’s better. Just depends how lucky you are to have the best one for yourself.


360 hands down. PS3 Has input lag to begin with. Online or offline…

You honestly get what you pay for. PS3 offers free online play with their games while microsoft charges for theirs. There’s a reason for that. Better servers being one of them.

You can still get good matches on ps3, don’t get me wrong, but the average match on xbox compared to ps3 is significant. I own both consoles, but for fighting games I exclusively play on x360.

Since you already own a stick on the ps3, I’d say stick with that. Join 360 when its convenient for you or when you truly want to move over to it. Most tourneys are ran on ps3’s so you should get used to playing on that.

Aside from that, Sony gets the longer end of the stick when it comes to classic fighters. I wish the alpha series would be on xbox, but that wont happen unless capcom makes a remix of it


I would love to play Alpha 2 and 3 on xbox if only to enjoy some games for the week or two that remix games have players, before they all go back to AE and MVC3.


BTW just fyi some factors to consider that will affect you much more than your system choice are your internet and monitor.

Use wired instead of wireless to cut down on transmit time, it can reduce hiccups midgame. Also consider your monitor, many commercial HDTV’s have significant post-processing, resulting in several frames of lag. Often times turning on ‘game mode’ will cut this down, or using the vga input from an xbox sometimes will help too.

however, best solution is to get a lag-free monitor, I’d recommend the asus ‘evo’ monitor. You’ll be playing on the tourney standard, its essentially lag free, portable enough to take where ever you go, and does’t look like ass a la a crt tv.


A low lag monitor is hands down the most important investment you can make in this hobby. Forget worrying about your system. Hell, forget about getting an expensive fight stick. Low lag monitor first, everything else later.


It doesn’t matter online is the same on playstation and Xbox anyone who tells you other wise is a fanboy and is full of shit.


Quote, coming from the guy who made a whole forum post dedicated to him not being able to use a stick.


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There are laggy matches even within Europe. In 3s:OE I have a yellow bar connection and I was in an incredibly laggy game (“Teleporting” characters) with a German player who also had a yellow bar, yet I somehow get stable connection in Blazblue Extend with Japanese and American players. (???)


Please don’t post advice at the Newbie Dojo until you’re more experienced with Street Fighter.

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I own AE on both systems. Matchmaking seems a little faster on XBOX, which is what I prefer play on. Rarely the background level seems to make a little lag on PS3, but I noticed this kind of slowdown way more in MK9 than in SF4.

The type of connection (HDTV vs RCA or VGA) as well as your TV can make a difference too. I notice about 1 frame of input lag on PS3, BUT that might be due to the HDTV connection I use with it while I use VGA with xbox.

If you know for a fact a particular game was designed for PS3 to begin with, it might be better on PS3. Also many tournaments use PS3 because XBOX is more vulnerable to wireless-sync issues as well as occasional red-rings.


I have to disagree about the higher skill base on XBL, I main the same character in AE on both systems and I am always at least one rank higher on XBL than on PSN,


If you have cats and get an Xbox keep it off the floor. One of my cats caused me to rage quit a P4A match when she rubbed against the box and caused the tray to open in the middle of the match :frowning:


Xbox is overall better for Capcom games. Marvel has slowdowns and shit on ps3 and sf4 has extra input lag. Matchmaking is somehow faster on xbox360 and connections seem overall more stable. Skill level is higher on xbl for sf4 in Europe but this obviously only matters if you want better competition.


Xbox, always.

Has been the superior fighting game choice since the first Live release of Third Strike. PSN has been dogged with reports of lag and input issues for years, and as it’s free and full of random accounts, don’t expect change any time soon.