PS3 original TE Stick on PC for SFV?

Hi all, I’ve been playing on PS4 with my PS3 TE stick without much issue, but for convenience factor I’d like to but SFV for PC as well, but before I buy it on PC I’d like to be sure my stick will work. I’ve done a quick search and not able to find a definitive answer on if I’ll be able to get my PS3 TE stick working on PC without introducing input lag.

Thank you for any help.

i havent experienced any lag with this program and its been a godsend…but ymmv (your mileage may vary)

look into this thread for a few more options.

Thanks, I’lll check both of those links out.

Are you successfully using this with a PS3 fight stick?

I decided to just go ahead and buy SFV on Steam, have it along with the x360ce but I’m having no luck with it recognizing my stick in game. In the x360ce window that opens I can see it’s recognizing my inputs on the stick and buttons, but nothing at all in game. Meanwhile I have an xbox controller for Windows that works just fine with it.

What PC are you on? Some say they’ve had success when buying a USB 2.0 and using that with their TE. Most of the them were on desktops.

Okay so I tried the on in the post you shared. XOutPut works. :slight_smile: Thanks!

i had the problem too at first…i followed this guys tutorial and it worked like a charm, and yes i have a ps3 stick

but you seem to have went the route of another program, so as long as the end game is you getting your stick to work, suppose all’s well that ends well…

DRE, can you tell me what PC you’re on please? I’m on a laptop and wondering if that changes anything.

i have a windows 10 desktop

I think it depends on your motherboard or whatever, otherwise you need to buy that special usb card thing. My cousin’s PS3 TE1 deosn’t work on his nor my PC… but it worked on someone else’s laptop. Not just SF5, games in general like FightCade.

I don’t think even the drivers can fix that.

Just to repeat for anybody else I followed this:

and it my PS3 TE stick is working.

Be warned, if you have a madcatz round 1 or round 2 TE, you’ll need a VIA chipset for your usb on your motherboard for it to work on PC. Otherwise you’ll need something like this:

I recommend the one shown in this thread