PS3 Pad Mod

I heard that you could remove the wireless functionality on a PS3 pad. I was wondering if you could install a 360 dual mod into one? I am wondering because I enjoy playing on a PS3 pad and not a PS2 pad (Seems too different for me). Please let me know if you know an answer to this.

Sony PS3 Controller is not Common Ground.

Damn. Is there any way to swap the PCB on it?

Looks like I am picking up the XCM Cross fire.

Expect a lot of lag then.

Yes but it is not easy.

Rubber ducky was working on this and has it working, it includes being dependent on the USB cable while disabling the on board Bluetooth
I don’t know about Tournament legality yet with this mod, I understood Mr Wizard is looking it.

Really there is a lot of lag? Dang. I am trying to find a lagless solution for a PS3 Pad dual mod.

Funnily enough, there are cheap $7 adapters from DealExtreme that are almost lagless.

They’re advertised as 360-to-PS2+PS3, but work the other way around too.

Okay. I might try that out.

Is it this one?

Paewang pcbs can be hacked to size to fit into the ps3 pad (replaces the ps3 pads original pcb). This would give you a wired dual modded ps3 pad. Only draw back is no analog stick support.

Damn. I will let you know. That sucks about no analog. I might just have to go back to PS1 pad for now.

do you like SMD? try the xin-mo

looks like a 32pin IC and a 12Mhz crystal. there are some other SMD parts that should be easy to figure out. just desolder the IC with a hot air SMD machine. you can purchase the other SMD parts new for less than $2. you will need to get a board made so you can pad hack your ps3 controller. use some old cat5 cable and an SMD tip. after you remove the battery and wireless I think you have enough room. seeedstudio is perfect for getting just one of these boards made with all the SMD parts placed. you probably want to install the 32 pin IC yourself when you get the new board. or you could ship them the used IC but i don’t know how that will work.

Why the hell would you want to desolder the IC? The board is already small enough to fit inside the pad. Just desolder (dremel) off the usb jack and pin headers.

Then again that board still doesn’t solve the no analog problem. It only lets you change the dpad inputs as LS/RS inputs, but they wouldn’t be true analog. Too bad they don’t have a description for the Analog Controller board they have listed. I was really interested in that one.

I would not use a dremel. I use desolder braid or a desolder pump. if you get me a common ground wired controller with analog sticks, I can hack it. as long as the joystick you want to use has 3 terminals on each microswitch, it can be hacked into where the analog was. even if its not common ground, it can still be done but your harness starts looking a little wonky with all the extra wires.