PS3 Pad Player in Need of help

I’m a pad warrior in need of some assistance. I’ve been pretty much playing on the PS3 Dualshock 3 controller exclusively for fighting games for quite awhile now. I want to enter EVO and NCR this year, but I didn’t really worry about the controller until recently. With the Dualshock banned I’m need of a replacement to use for these tournies and probably in general. So I was hoping the fine people of the SRK forums could point me to some options that would help me out. It would be really appreciated.

Get a Ps2 controller and these adapters. These adapters dominate. I use them for my Hori Namco stick and they haven’t failed me.

[edit] The Target in my area was having a clearance sale for official Ps2 controllers for 9 bucks. Totally worth your time to check your local Target to see if they have any on sale and buy [S]10[/S] a few.

Awesome. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to carry around than a stick. Plus I still have a PS2 controller I can use and if not they are cheap and not that hard to find. Thanks a lot.

controllers are cool, but i would definitely move on to an arcade stick. Sticks like the madcatz wwe brawl sticks are good beginner stick and cost as much as the adapters

Perhaps one day I’ll turn to stick, but for now I’ll keep with pad. I don’t think I’d get comfortable enough with it in time for it to prove beneficial.

thats a legitimate reason, but IMHO i dont think it will take too much time to adjust, after all its the same motions jsut different muscles.

It probably wouldn’t, but I’d still feel more comfortable using pad for now. i think after NCR I can experiment with stick since I can use a friend’s. I could get one off of them for cheap, but I’d like it to have new parts. It’s a Hori V3 and the stick is pretty loose at this point.

Alright, well good luck in the tournaments!


id highly recommend using one of those saturn pads if you’re gonna play with it. 6 face buttons for the L M H set up. lightweight and wired, comfortable on the hands. usb

i dont know about the retrolink ones, but i bought one of the official sega ones when vanilla sf4 came out and loved it. although mine didnt cost nearly as much, more around 15 bucks.

good luck at NCR. maybe ill see you there.

I prefer a actual Sega Saturn pad and a converter over the newer USB knock off’s even the offical Sega USB controllers are not made with the same quality as the older Sega Saturn pads. Even the Sega Saturn PS2 pads are great as PS2 adapters are easier to find but the PS2 Saturn pads are rare and expensive.

One other option if you like the Dualshock 3 is to talk to DaRabidDuckie on this forum. He has been doing a pad mod where he removes the battery/disables the bluetooth and adds in a captive USB cable.

This would in theory make the pad tournament legal as it no longer has wireless capabilities. I believe he’s been talking to tournament organisers about it.

im actually wondering, do people actually use the analog stick on ps2/3 pads? whenever i use pad i use the d-pad, so id prefer the ps1 con

That actually sounds really cool. Something to look into, but probably would take a bit too long for it to me to be ready for NCR. If only I had thought of this and prepared sooner.

I actually go back and forth between D-Pad and analog depending on what I’m doing. For most inputs I’ll go with D-Pad and for basic motions. For Tiger Knees and occasionally for blocking I’ll go for the stick. Personal thing. Not sure how many other pad players do that.