PS3 pad vs SFIV Madcatz 6 button pad (Review'd!)

Hi folks. This is my personal review of the SFIV 6 button pad.
I’m a total SFIV noob, granted, I’ve played it growing up on the genesis and the like, but pulling specials (IE, Fei Long’s fiery kick) was a pain in the ass and happened only by pure luck at points.
When I bought this pad, I was pretty skeptical. I really wanted the arcade stick, but it was EXTREMELY hard to find. So I went to GameStop and I settled for the last “Fight Pad” they had in.

This thing is so smooth. You can literally SPIT hadukens!
When I had a PS3 controller, my win percentage was at 28%. ONE DAY after I got the 6 button fight pad, my percentage is now up to 48%! It really DOES up your game, weather you are a noob (like myself) or a seasoned gamer, don’t sell these things short. I’ve heard of issues with them on this site (IE, the d-pad having issues) but my fight pad works like a DREAM. I love it.
It’s so easy and fluid.
The artwork looks fantastic as well.
If you are frustrated from taking a few lumps too many online, BUY THIS FIGHT PAD! It’s amazing. Buttons click really well, the d-pad is floaty and so smooth. It feels as easy as slicing hot butter when you pull of fei long’s kicks.
Battery life seems good so far as well.
A winner all around for the money and for those who cannot seem to snag a stick or have the brains or know how to make their own good fight stick.
I personally give this item a 10 out of 10.
The rubber gripping on the back is FANTASTIC and feels great in your hands.
Definately what I would call the “Economy controller” as well for those who are hurting financially and still want to keep their game top notch.

If you can’t find an arcade stick, show NO SHAME in grabbing one of these bad boys. I was never a fan of MadCatz before, but after grabbing onto one of these pads and playing for a few days… I’m a believer!
Hope this little review has came in handy for you.
-Your gamin’ brotha,

I was thinking about picking one of these up, but now that I made it to round 2 of the gamestop tournament, looks like I got some extra incentive to really play to get that controller now! :slight_smile:

I mean, they’re basically the same, the 360 and PS3 version.

Yes, the only difference is the PS3 version is wireless, the 360 version is wired, I do believe.
But it is an amazing pad. Go win that bad boy!

I’m still trying to decide between the Hori and this one.