PS3 PC Zero Delay USB encoder reliability

hey guys, i’m completely rehauling the inside of a stick this coming week, and am looking at cost effective options

Has anybody tested out ?

I know it says Zero delay or whatever, but i mean… you never can be too sure about these things, and theres no name attached to this product, so I dont trust it without first talking to you guys about it haha

What i’m thinking is if this thing is legit, going this PCB + Brooks ps3 to Ps4 Converter

It’s legit, but I don’t know if it will work with the adapter.

it worked with the shitty chrono max converters according to FA, so i’d imagine that it would work for the brooks…

…hopefully >___>

I’ve heard elsewhere that it doesn’t at this point. Maybe @GOGO.Zippy could look into adding compatibility.

But yeah, as far as doing what they’re supposed to, the zd encoders work great.

It’s legit. I have one to use on a custom stick for PC. It also works on PS3 but the problem that I am running into there is that there is no labeling of which buttons match up with which slot (1-12). Like I figured out Triangle button is slot 7 but can’t get the rest figured out.
I doubt it would work with the brooks though because are made for specific systems to convert them to other specific systems. It registers as generic so the chronusMax might work for it.

I believe the thread for the PCB has a pic of it with the PS3 labels. I followed that when wiring mine up and the buttons are exactly what they should be.

I recently bought one of the PS2 ready version and the PS2 side of the Y cable doesn’t work.

I see it as you get what you pay for to be honest. If the board does break, its not even worth the return shipping costs.

Did you contact the seller? Seems that usually the Chinese vendors will just send you a replacement, they hate negative feedback.

That’s what I’m going to do. He won’t be back til the 15th with Chinese New Year and all. I’m just going to hack a PS1 pad I picked up for $5 which is what I should have done in the first place but I was being lazy.

Easiest pad hack ever. Still nice to have that pc/ps3 compatibility the zd provides though.