PS3 - PCB or Cthulhu?

I’m pretty close to being ready to build my stick. I’ve got a cousin in Japan this week who will be trying to get some parts for me while he’s there. I’m pretty much all set on the wood work - mostly going by slagcoin’s example build.

What I’m really still unsure about is which way to go on the PCB. Am I missing any choices - all I really see is rob a PCB or use the Cthulhu?

For around $25 I can rob a PCB (actually I have some sixaxis I don’t use anymore) or I can pay $40 for the Cthulhu. The Cthulhu is easier because you don’t have to solder, but with the sixaxis I could make it wireless (right?). I’m not really afraid of soldering, unless it’s just ridiculously hard to do on the sixaxis PCB. I’m a bit concerned about making the battery compartment mounted, etc correctly, but then I’d be concerned about the same thing with a USB port.

Can anyone get me started with some advise on PCB’s for the PS3?

Thank you very much. I have looked at every thread on this I could find - I see the info on the boards, just not something comparing the pro’s and con’s especially specifically to the PS3.

I think the general consensus is that if you want wireless, then a sixaxix pcb and one of ShinJN’s AXISdapters is the way to go with no soldering. If you want a wired or dual mod, then a cthulhu is the way to go b/c soldering on the sixaxis pcb is a major pain even if you’re experienced.

Its just a matter of convenience.

Your two easiest options are to use the cthulhu or one of the sixaxis adapters if you want it to be wireless. You wont have to solder with either one of those.

I prefer to solder the sixaxis and not use any adapters, but that’s just me. I’m not going to pay for something if I can do it myself. You have to be a soldering ninja if you’re going this route though. (Think 20 leads that need to be soldered in a 1 inch long strip.)

hacking the six axis straight up is very hard. your best bet would be to either buy a sixaxis adapteror make your own and yes you do have the benefit of having it being wireless if you do and you can add a littleusb socket to the front of your case for easy charging.

what about the wired gamestop ps3 controllers, are they any easier to use than a sixaxis?

If your not afriad of soldering just get the kit form of the Cthulhu…

It’s all up to what you want to do with the stick in the future.

If you’re building it solely for use on PS3, I’d go with the Sixaxis PCB/AXISdapter.

If you think you’d want to have it for use on other systems in the future then go with the MC Cthulhu.

I just buy some cheap wired ones from ebay since I can solder. If ur lookin on dualmod go with cthulhu.

Thanks for the replies, looks like the axisdapter is the way to go for me. I just need to try to figure out if my controller is compatible.