PS3 Player Here



I’m primarily a MK, Marvel 3 and Blazblue player. I picked up SSFIVAE a couple weeks ago though and it’s kind of been just sitting here. I used to play this game a little back when SSFIV came out (you know, before Arcade Edition) and I usually mained Dudley or Juri. But now going into matchmaking I find myself constantly losing to Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Oni, ect. Players.

Case in point, I’d like to get better at this game. Like I said, I play a few other FGs competitively so I know that practicing constantly is a very important step. But it seems like I just don’t even have a chance at winning against these people unless I use Sagat. I really don’t want to stoop to using just the easy characters to get wins. I really like Dudley and Juri and therefore I want to become good enough to fight any character with them.

That being said, would anyone be willing to spar a few matches with me? People who are preferably only a little better or at the same level of skill as I am. My tag is “iHeritik” so if anyone would like to throw down a few matches then feel free to message me.

Keep it classy.~