PS3 problem at Rio hotel

Hey guys, we ran into some problem today. We came from Canada for Evo and brought our ps3. Sadly TSA agent broke it while being jerks with our luggages. The blu ray player doesn’t seems to be able to “grab” the cd (It’s seems mechanical)

Do you guys have any idea how we could find a ps3 for 3-4 days ? Or maybe where we could get it fixed or something ?

Thanks a lot in advance ! (We want to be able to pratice before Evo :frowning: )

Find yourself a walmart via taxi or something, buy a new PS3. Return it on Sunday.You can find a Bestbuy and do that, but you will pay a restocking fee.

TSA was being douchebags with me as well; they asked me to completely empty me “electronics” bag and it took me 15 mins to re-pack it lol. I travel a lot. Normally, they just open the bag and then swipe some black magic device around it and scan it.

I’m definitely not bringing my PS3 now, just taking my PSPgo then for downtime. I took it in 2009 no problem.

Best Buy doesn’t actually charge a restocking fee, or they didn’t last time it mattered to me. They keep 10% of the total purchase price on returns though.

Also, this seems like just another reason to carpool to me. It’s already cheaper (though less convenient) even without the TSA breaking hardware.

Anyone else not able to change the AV channel on the TV?

Just plug it in and it switches automatically.

Narcowski, that would be a 10% restocking fee by a different name.
Walmart you get all your money back.

Some places actually charge a flat fee on top of whatever percentage they keep from returns. I usually think of that as a restocking fee more than any percentage not refunded for returns. It’s all semantics though.