PS3 Problem


OK so I bought a used 80 GB Backwards Compatibility PS3 from Eb games I only bought it used because I wanted a ps3 that could also play PS2 and PS1 games. It worked fine but after 3 months it started acting up like when im playing sf4 or any other game the screen would just freeze and there would be like green and red squares on the screen this also happens on the XMB menu. I called SONY and they told me to pay 177$ and some cents + another 30 dollars for shipping because the warranty was expired. I dont want to waste that much money on sending it to them because thats basically the price of a brand new ps3. I tried all the safe mode options SONY told me to try but it still keeps freezing with the green squares on the screen. Does anyone know what might be wrong with my ps3 and how I can fix it it gets annoying because when I’m playing online sometimes I cant even get a full match it just freezes on the first round. It also freezes when I’m playing PSN games.

heres an example of what it looks like when my ps3 freezes:


Honestly, at this point, if you care about PS3 Backwards Compatibility, send it to Sony.


I agree. If you care about the BC, send it in. There is also a trick that sometimes fixes problems, but usually not.

Turn off the console, then turn it on using the button on the console and hold the power button until the system turns off again. Turn it back on holding the button again and hold it until it beeps the twice together, then let go. A menu will come up and you select “restore file system.”

Odds are it wont do shit, but on the off chance it works, it takes little effort and time.


The first thing that comes to my mind is that it might be the systems temperture. Everywhere you look you can find those external coolers nowadays.
The reason that i lean towards this solution is because you say that it does work for a while and then suddenly just freezes. That sounds to me like a temperture problem. Might be dust that’s collected in the PS3. so you could also vacuumclean the airports of the ps3 just to be sure that they are cleared.
Hope it works!


Any update yet?


Actually, if you care about BC you might not want to send it to Sony ironically, as there are reports of people sending in their ps3’s, only to have a random one returned, usually not a BC one.