PS3->PS2 or USB->PS2 converter?


Does anyone know of any products that will allow me to use a stick designed for PS3 (the Virtua Stick High Grade) on a PS2? I was hoping to find a simple converter like the millions out there that do PS2->XXX, but in the opposite direction. If I can avoid it, I don’t wanna mess about opening my stick/soldering pcb.


well i’m no electrical engineer but i don’t think it’s possible to go from USB to X. I do know for certain that neither of the converters you seek exist right now.

you can’t avoid

open it up and stick a ps2/psx pcb in there, hf, there’s plenty of guides here that can help you, if you wanted to switch out parts, when you add in the pcb it would also be a good time to do that as well.