PS3/PS2 PCB mod problem

Hello fellow shoryuken. Got some stuff that confused me for a while here. This mod works great for my HRAP3 except whenever i use it to play PS2 games(PS2 console not PS3 BC), aside from using that mod PS2 controller cable, i also have to plug in the USB cable into any USB port each time. In this case, i just plug it into one of my PS2 or PC usb port. Otherwise my arcade stick won’t work properly(Press jump but the character perform slash instead & vice versa). Anyone know what causing this?

Uh. Pictures. We can’t help you without pictures of the wiring. Also you shouldn’t be having to plug in the USB for any reason when using the PS2 board, if the mod is done correctly. Power should be applied to both boards no matter which cable is plugged in, the USB or the PS2 cable.

Sure, i’ll try posting pictures when i get home. Currently at work now.

Edit: Forgot to add. My HRAP3 still works properly even the USB cable is connected to any device that’s not being turn on. Meaning it must be connected to any USB port even the device with the said USB port is turn off if that tells you anything.

In this case, i became aware of the problem when i connect it to my PS3 that was turn off completely.