PS3/PS4 SE Joystick (Sanwa Upgrades) $85 shipped


Hi everyone.

I put together this ps4/ps3 SE stick for SFV weeklies but I’ve been having a hard time making it out to Orange/City of Industry area so I’m putting it up for sale. It’s great for use as a travel or 2nd player stick for when people come over. Or even as a main stick. The brawlstick/SE body is very sturdy and heavy enough for lap play, not like the newer madcatz alpha/hori mini.

$85 shipped to continental 48 US local pick up also available in the IE socal area.


feel free to pm with any questions/offers, thanks.

Sale History

MKX PDP padhack $60 * to Vicko *

MKX PDP pad x2 $90 * to Vicko *

Xbox 360 SE pcb $28 * to SNAAAAKE*

Madcatz SE case $30 * to justplainlucky*

Imp v2 Xbox One/ Xbox 360 padhack $99 To evildede

Xbox One/Xbox 360 TE R2 $124 To Rockman X

Black & White themed TE case $47 To danjohnny5

Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fightpad - C. Viper themed $18 shipped To Ronin_ryu

white Japanese import gamecube controller, very light use $16 shipped To Ronin_ryu

Xbox 360 SE PCB $24 shipped To NENDO

Two Xbox live 1 month codes. $4.50 to XKingJeff and loomer


PM sent.


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PM sent.


Willing to ship to Europe? :slight_smile:


@GenKaan‌ - I already bought the PCB buddy. Sorry.


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first post, you open the spoilers for the photos


price drops


new items added, feel free to pm with any questions/offers. thanks!


new items! price drops!


Just wanted to thank you for the stick, it works perfectly.


dude bro check pm lol…my pcb don’t have the USB cable…no idea how to hook it up to the xbox

I dont have a spare cable…guessing it needs a usb then I gotta solder on the pcb or something??


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does the console come with a controller?


no thats extra. i figure most people would want to just use an arcade stick anyway


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What pcb?


MKX ps4/ps3 pad