PS3 question

I truely apologize if there is a thread that answers this, but my eyes are starting to bleed from the endless searching already.

I was recently looking through some old boxes and found all my old PS2 games and found a copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Edition. The one that has Street Fighter III: Third Strike. So I dont have a working PS2 anymore but my PS3 plays PS2 games. So here I am all excited and I toss it in and it works but my fights sticks wont work on it. Only the D-pads.

Questions, is there a way to get my sticks to work on it? I have both the TE and Se sticks. Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

The TE and SE dont and probably will never work with PS2 games on the PS3 plain and simple.

Sticks like the HRAP do though

if u really want it i guess u cud add an extra pcb if u really really want ur ps2 games to work on ur ps3.

Yep yep, Madcatz sticks don’t work on backwards compatible PS3’s. You would need a custom stick with a Cthulhu PCB or one of those ShinJN Axis adapter + Dual Shock 3 PCBs. Or a Hori Stick.

Thanks for the info guys, guess it is time to get a new stick! I actually tried to mess around with it using the D-Pad and I thought my hands were going to break lol.

before you decide that you should know that PS3s lags atleast 3 frames when playing PS2 games no matter what.