PS3 Random Pause


Hey guys. After dual modding, have you been getting random pauses on the ps3 side? I have gotten this with EVERY dual modded stick that I have, even with the easy Toodle’s TE Kitty board. On the 360 side, it works just fine.


Pics of your sticks internals.


You mean a random pause in controller response or a random pause in the game?
I never had a random pause in my Dual-mod controllers before, so I not sure whats going on yet. Perhaps when I see pictures of your set up or more info.
As for the Kitty, I think that is still in the development phase so you need to talk to Toodles for that one.


Random pause in the game. Here is a list of dual mods that has happened to me:

PS3 Cthulhu + 360TE + imp
PS3 TE + 360TE +imp
Chimp + 360TE
ChimpSMD + 360TE
Akishop PS360

I try to take some picture of the ones that I with me at the moment when I get home from work. Honestly its starting to piss me off. I got DQ’ed at a tournament yesterday.


i don´t know really… i would like to know an answer to this u__u i dont know if it´s static or something… but lots of my customers have problems with this… it´s more frequent on ps3slims


could it be that PS3 firmware update that “disables” third party controllers?


Nope, Toodles confirm that the ChImp, Cthulhu and MC Cthulhu all still works normally on PS3. I personally tested a number of devices with the PS3 when that BS update came out. I call it a BS update because the hysteria around the update was worst than the actual update ever was.

I am thinking this is more of a issue on slim model PS3s more than a Dual Mod + PS3 problem.
I have the Backwards compatible 80Gb model PS3 and do not have this issue.

Check the Cthulhu thread, there is a button combination, when you plug your controller in a activated system that simulates a Hori VX PCB.


I’ve never had a problem like this on my slim. That this happens to all of his mod jobs makes me think there is a wiring problem on his end.


Well all it takes is one out of place strand of wire to touch the wrong terminal or trace to throw everything off.
Also breaking one of the 2 Golden rules of dual-modding are also known to cause issues.
I guess after 6 different dual-mods I highly doubt thats the case with PheNOM07.

I also wondering if a bad USB cord would also cause this?


i hope it is a bad usb cord, cause it has happened to me in ps360 too


This happened to me twice yesterday but I was playing on a PS3 slim. Yet, I don’t have this issue with my 60 gb model at all. My stick is dual modded with the PS360 PCB.


its good to know that I am not the only one to have this problem.


I’ve had this problem too. I just got my stick dual modded and it paused on two different ps3s (not slims) during a tourney Friday evening.


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same problem

this started it like 2 months ago and my stick is dual mode 1 year ago


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Interesting, I’ve modded a bunch of sticks with various boards and methods… never had one complaint about this.


^ The only complaint I’ve had from my own modified sticks regarding random ‘pause’ activations is from PS360 mods. Not had any problems to date with any Dual Strike, 360 Fightpad, and Cthulhu based hardware.

I’ve not heard of the Slim/Original PS3 theory before, but it may be worth looking into as I’ve not asked that question to my customers before.

EDIT: Just checked with my guy and he does have a Slim PS3. Hardly conclusive evidence of a hardware conflict, but might be worth the examination by someone more experienced with electronics.


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I have a slim PS3, I use a VX with a ChimpSMD, a TE with a P360, and a HRAP2 with an MC Cthulhu on them on a regular basis (The VX 3~4 hours a day at least four days a week), i’ve used all three sticks on fat ps3s too, never once had a dropped input or pause.

This leads me to believe that its a hardware/pcb/wiring issue, I’ve never had a customer complain about this either.