PS3 randomly stopped working?


so i fire up my ps3, about to get in some practice online vs a friend, while loading the game, i notice it takes much longer than usual (over 20 seconds, alot considering its normally under 5 because i have it installed) to load the match, and then it says lost connection to user. so i tried again with my friend, and same thing, thirty seconds go by in the vs screen and the same message appears.

i eject the disc and restart the ps3, check the disc for any scratches or dust, and believe me when i say, the disc was spotless. so i put it back in and load up the game, and it freezes… it won’t read any discs, not just sf4. i think my disc drive is filled with dust or maybe just broken, any tips on how to fix it?


Same thing happened to me twice before.

1st time I just backed-up my files and reformatted the drive and it started working again.
2nd time I had to ship it in to get repaired, luckily mine was still under the standard 1 year warranty.


i think mine is past the 1 year warranty :frowning:

i did the ps3 “fan test” to see if that would help, did it twice and still no dice… probably vacuum the vents on the top, back and front sometime tomorrow… but i have a feeling it won’t help :confused:


ya make sure u get that dust out of there… but i havent heard too many good things about the fan test… some ppl say it fucks shit up and others say its harmless but i would definitely give sony a call…


worst of all is that its not even my ps3… do i play it bogart and act like nothing is wrong, and just save up money to get my own, do i let my cousin know that the ps3 broke randomly while i was playing??.. iirc, repairing this one costs over 150, and i don’t have that kind of money to blow to fix a ps3 that’s not even mine… really sucks that it had to happen while i was playing… not during the assloads of hours everyone else has been playing on the ps3… shit

i’ll try vacuuming and whatever else you guys suggest, but if i can’t fix it on my own without anyone else noticing, i probably won’t pay to have it fixed… can’t say i feel awful, knowing that i’ve played the system less than everyone else, and my cousin was a fool for not covering his system to protect it from dust

situation is a bit rough IMO


yeah I was playing SF4 2 weeks ago and i had the same problem =( I eventually did my research and basically what happened was that the laser burnt out. I had the first model ps3 40gig so i guess it was about time… it costs 40 bucks for service and 60 to 100 for the new laser… I suggest buying it and putting it in yourself. Not really that hard… I spent 120 fixing my ps3 =( only because i was in the desperate mood to play sf4.


my cousin bought the 40 gig the second the price dropped to 400, probably one of the older units… i hope its not broken, because if so then i have to wait until the price drops to 300 and then buy it… damn :frowning:


and who knows when thats gonna be…


It’s dropping down to 300 at april 1st hahaha… I tried selling my ps3 to a shop and he told me they’re dropping the price to 300 in april…


of course this has to happen just as i get addicted to sf4…

if i’m lucky the price drop will happen soon, but if i’m unlucky i could be waiting until christmas or even later!! :frowning: shiiiiiiiiit.

maybe the ps3 will magically fix itself overnight and everything will be ok… here’s to hoping :shake:


is that for sure because everything ive been reading hasnt been able to confirm (reputably) a date…


Be lucky your PS3 works. Mine gave me the Triple Red Beeps of death like 2 months after I bought it.

Push power, three beeps, shuts off. Sometimes makes it to the User menu before triple beeps and it dies.


i’d ask if you were sure, but you only know what he told you… which store was it?

trying to sniff out the facts, if this is in fact the case, i need to get to work on my tax return :wgrin:


@ inverse, yeah i suppose it could be worse, as it stands i can still play demo’s or hdremix (if i decide to buy it, which i won’t lol) but i can’t play my sf4 which is the only thing i want to do with it :confused:

also, i kinda feel weird even playing demo’s on it, because i don’t want my cousin to see me playing his console at all now that it doesn’t work. when he eventually finds out it doesn’t work, he’ll blame me for it if he can remember me playing it all the time…

i kinda find it funny that you’re an xbox user now… for the longest time i’ve wanted to purchase one, but didn’t because of the large probability of having an RROD console… i thought i’d save up money and wait for the price drop of the ps3 which i considered the reliable console… but now i see that neither is all that reliable lol

@skitso, i’ve heard about a price drop for quite some time too, just no reputable confirmation as of yet because sony is being tight lipped about it, they know that announcing a drop in april will destroy sales in march… so they’re being very hush hush about the whole thing… but maybe our friend omegadante can shed some light on it


Random story, but related.
Friend had a 40gb PS3 that would read discs like 20% of the time. I open it up, unplug a few connectors, plug them back in and it starts reading 100%.

If your ps3 is past warranty, mind as well try it out. You have nothing to lose. Here’s a vid on how to open it


thanks for your input tingboy, i’ll def watch the video and consider it… if i can muster up the courage to attempt to open the ps3 and nobody is in the entire house for at least a few hours i’ll attempt it lol… but i have to be all secretive about it because 1) ps3 isn’t even mine and 2) nobody else knows its broken lol


I can guess what the dude is gonna say when you come in asking for the $300 PS3 on April 1st.



No system is 100% reliable but in my opinion I’ve seen less PS3 malfunctions than 360, but that is my opinion.


i feel the same way some_asian, iirc 360’s failure rate went up to as high as 33 percent… meaning one out of every 3 systems would rrod, and you would be stuck in the endless cycle sending back and forth to microsoft until the extended warranty was over and then you were shit out of luck. from what i’ve read, even when you do send the system back to microsoft and they fix it, after a little while, the system just rrod’s again… once a rrod system always a rrod system…

… but after some recent research, ps3’s have been failing left and right as well… kinda pathetic buying a 400 dollar console only to have it fail cause of cheap parts… lots of people have been lucky with their ps3’s still being under warranty… i have no such luck


That’s the risk with technology I guess


that’s the truth, the more complicated something is, the more variables for something to go wrong