PS3 RAP3 Fighting Stick *IN STOCK*

I just got me one off Amazon and thier is 3 left.

I notice alot of people looking for them so I thought I would give a heads up.



evil grin

just in time… :slight_smile:


Newb, first post here.

I’ve been reading this place the last week or so since I tried to find a TE stick without success. I’ve been trying to get an HRAP3 instead and was one of the lucky few to order one this morning before the stock ran out.

Its darn near impossible to find any stick anywhere these days. Things will settle down in a couple months I’m sure.

Was because I posted? :wonder:

I can’t vouch for this seller, but this is one of the only reasonably priced sticks I’ve seen on eBay lately. $130 with free shipping, 4 in stock. Personally I’ve just been looking for another SFAC to mod. :wasted:

do a lil research… make ur own stick… it’ll save you a bunch and it will most likely work better than those retail sticks…

Daaam no shipping to Canada… :tdown:

opiepac, enjoy the stick - been looking like crazy for this one.

I may work on making my own at some point, but I wanted to something to play SFIV right away. I may mod this one with Sanwa buttons, but that’s about it.

Building my own stick will take time to research, and will be more of a project / labor of love. But I definitely agree its the way to go to get exactly what you want.

is there a difference between the Hrap ex and hrap 3?

Heh yeah got mine off amazon 2 days ago, I freaked out as I was searching through their products again that day and I thought it was a joke but no it’s on it’s way :D. Just keep checking with amazon and you may get lucky

The EX lacks turbo. That’s about it.

Got my HRAP3 off of ebay last friday for $108 shipped brand new. Came in today and I am stoked to finally give the dual-shock a rest.

Now just waiting for my TE sticks.

Umm…isn’t the HRAP 3 for the PS3 and the HRAP EX for the 360…? I could have sworn my HRAP EX was only for the 360 and the HRAP 3 for the PS3.

I thought that was pretty obvious and not worth mentioning.

Also the EX’s JLF’s microswitches are soldered, whereas the HRAP3’s JLF PCB is a 5pin connector. So slightly different for stick replacement purposes.

This I didn’t know.

There is no HRAP3 for 360 right?

The EX is the 360’s version of the HRAP 3.