PS3 region related question


Hey guys! I bought my ps3 in the states, created accounts for games and registered to servers there. I moved to China 6 months ago but only got internet in my house today. I bought SEA region games in the interim… but every time I play online for SFxT I get bunched into US based servers… Also when I go through PSN store I get put into US server PSN store (which makes my dlc codes for iron curtain on SFxT and Flames Iori for KOF XIII invalid). Does anyone know how to force my region settings for the ps3 or something like that?

With KOF XIII it was intelligent enough to group me into HK servers automatically (and I got raped incredibly hard). For all my other games (SFxT, GRFS, DUST 514… don’t have any other online games atm) it groups me into US servers and my SEA psn codes don’t work (read as invalid/incorrect despite coming from sealed packaged legitimate copy games).


Just create a new PSN account. All the content from your other account on that machine will still be available.


Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a way to change my current account’s region though? I’d rather not lose all the stats and unlocks I have linked to my main account. I’m trying to get into fighting games meaning I don’t really want to use my gaming downtime/playtime to recover that which I lost.


The short answer is no. Although the PS3 isn’t usually region locked, DLC for games are. If you could change your region, you could bypass all of that.

Most of us who live in China just use two accounts.


Once you made a account, that account is set into its region.
So Downloads are the only thing “Region locked”.

The big reason for this is that there countries with laws against certain game content like Australia or Germany


It’s cool. I’ve relegated my China account to fighting game use as the other games I play and have progress in(Ghost Recon Future Soldier, BF3) all have 0 community on console in China anyway. Thanks a bunch for the help guys… This forum has got to be one of the most helpful I’ve come across in a long time.


We are pretty great. Glad we could help!


As long as you’re nice, polite, and don’t come in with an attitude or one of those opinion/poll questions that gets asked a million times, nobody will have a problem with you.
It’s when you get smart with people and obnoxious --(!) That’s when problems happen.

The account info’s always interesting to hear about.
Enough of us import games that it’s nice to get information about what the situation in other regions/countries might be… especially if you’re considering download a game not available in your home region or just getting the DLC for a specific import title.