PS3 release feels awful


I just wanna get a headcount on this since no one is reporting anything, but I’m curious how bad the PS3 release is right now compared to the Xbox 360. I’m having a lot of problems on PSN where I’m getting green bars that will lag as soon as I get game. Then there’s the fps drops in some stages and lastly the abysmal loading times. Did I miss anything or is it just my PS3 that’s having all of these problems?


i’m trying to refrain playing usf4 on ps3 until pc release. most green bars feel laggy indeed, at least here in EU and loading times aren’t very good either.


I’m having the same problems on PS3 - fps drops on certain stages and longer-than-normal loading times. I thought my PS3 was dying but maybe not. I’ve tried a PS3 database rebuild and re-installing Ultra completely, but the problems still remain.

I was going to try a full system restore but I guess I’ll wait to see if it’s a problem for everyone or just a select few.


You’re not crazy.

Loading times are bad (especially so compared to 2012 GFWL PC last time I played it). Stages drop frames offline. There’s slowdown during Decapre’s DCM animation, most notable on KO.

I can’t speak for online, since I don’t play on XBL. but, on 360 offline, I can play on whatever stage I want.
I wouldn’t take that risk on PS3 (I solely play Training Stage). Thing is, I never did this with AE 2012. If there were frame drops, they weren’t noticeable.


Yes, the frame rate gets really bad on some stages even during normal gameplay when there is no ultra animations especially in the solar eclipse stage, india stage and a few more. Worse than previous versions! Input lag is still there. Already existent input lag + frame rate issues makes for horrible controls. They have not fixed anything regarding it. It’s also hilarious that this game will be available on PS now. More laggers online and slowdown city on PSN. Ewww…


the PS now version gonna be a Lagception fest


This is disheartening to say the least, I was hoping it was just me and I only needed to get a new ps3 to fix this but they really dropped the ball this time. Going back to PC will probably result in walking into a ghost town since they gutted the community not only with the terrific steam transition but with a later release schedule for ultra too. I’m just hoping they fix this after EVO, maybe, please.


PS3 lags offline for sure. Happened during a tournament this weekend. My opponent threw the match just so that we could pick a different stage. So far I’ve noticed frame rate drops on Solar Eclipse and Jungle (day).


Weird, I’ve had Ultra on PS3 for two weeks and haven’t noticed any offline issues.

Online the loading times do seem to take a bit longer. Lag is sporadic depending on your connection with opponent, no different than past versions.


Bought it on Xbox, since my stick refuses to work on PC. I was really hoping the ps3 version wasn’t terribad, you know, I actually want to use the console for Capcom fighters…


PS3 version is an abomination.

Graphical FPS drops on various stages, long loading times. Only training mode is worth playing on.

Then there’s the input lag that makes those 1-frame links much harder than the Xbox 360 and arcade.

I miss the speedy GFWL PC version.


Wow…I’m surprised to hear how bad this is running on PS3. Isn’t this supposed to be the superior hardware??? C’mon, Capcom!


In before PS4 somehow, is the worst.


The amount of laggy matches and desyncing on PS3 is making me seriously consider picking up GG full time, execution barrier be damned.


This is insane. If you’re playing online you HAVE to pick training mode. Its unplayable otherwise. Not sure about offline.


I’m in Japan and still playing AE and the network here is horrid. Since ultra came out, whether coincidence or otherwise what used to be smooth, endless fields of green bars has turned into a stuttering, desyncing, disconnection fest.


It feels real bad… Last night I had 5 out of 30 decent matches!!! 5!!! If it continues I will have to get the PC version when it drop’s (assuming it hasn’t dropped a bollock too)


PC not much better from what I’ve heard.


I don’t think anyone is even taking this game seriously online in ranked either, I’ve been getting hit with so many wakeup ultras this entire week. Can’t really blame them, the lag makes it impossible to react to even jumpins.


double post.