Ps3 Remix rankings

Okay, I’m sure I probably missed this somewhere in forum, but is there an explanation as to how people are ranked for REMIX on PSN? When I look at people’s records it doesn’t make sense to me. I think the #1 ranked person is far ahead of anyone else and he is something like 800-600. I’ve also seen it where a person is 12-0 and is in the top 20 whereas someone who is 30-0 might not even break the top 50. I was just wondering how the system worked. I apologize if this has already been addressed somewhere.

The lazy explanation is this: the Rankings don’t work at all right now. :slight_smile: I mean, with all the bugs and glitches, I’m sure the rankings are a bit inaccurate to say the least.

However, for a less bitter and angry response, lemme say this. :slight_smile: I think it has to do with the ranking of the opponents you beat and lose to. If you lose to nothing but really highly ranked players, I think you have more ranking points. If you beat nothing but scrubs, you don’t gain many points. So the guy 12-0 might have beaten nothing but scrubs and the guy 30-0 might have beaten really, really good players.

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well on the other hand the way the rankings stand as of now, the people who are on top are generally the first ones to use the ranking system and immediately quit. I was able to work my way into the top 150 or so before i bugged and went to 0 points.

But they are resetting it anyway.

oh shoot, this is syxx btw

Thanks guys…I assumed it had something to do with one’s opponents. I’m sure most people use quick match especially since there doesn’t seem to be that many players online anymore. Hopefully this all gets reset…the guy who is #1 currently is far higher in points then the #2 guy even though the #1 guy has lost almost half his matches. I must say though, playing REMIX online is definitely a better experience than SF4!

The points depend on quality matches rather than quantity; but obviously, this system (hope it’s not actually TrueSkill) doesn’t work right because the initial points are too high. I haven’t played ranked since like 2 weeks after the game came out.

These online rankings, besides trying to get a high rank for fun, are just a rough indicator of ability; the game is way too laggy on PSN to really take it seriously. Even now, whenever I try STHD from time to time, I see many players who seem to think jumping repeatedly and using weak ticks are viable strategies.

The sad thing is that the patch doesn’t seem to be addressing this issue at all. Folks ought to play ST GGPO, if not offline (because real life tourneys are where it’s really at), if they want to see how ST/HD is really played. And yeah, SFIV appears to suffer from the same lag issues (and a few more) that prevent the ranking from being respected.