PS3 Round 2 TE, Original TE and various parts for sale

I have no idea how much this stuff goes for these days, so always open.

I have a PS3 Round 2 TE, looking to get $125shipped but open to offers.
I also have the case to an original TE with no PCB, but buttons and stick and harness are all there. Was going to drop in a different PCB. $100 but open

AND a box of miscellaneous Sanwa and HAPP parts. Pulled out of various arcade machines that were in use in an arcade. $20 shipped and you got it.

Prices dropped

If there’s any Happ Super’s in that Misc Box, I’ll take it.

There’s some HAPP sticks in there, not sure which kind. They’re disassembled.

PM sent.

Negative, I opened up the box - some bits have gone missing over the move. There’s one Happ stick, with a circle base. I think that’s the old style competition stick?

Is the case a PS3 or xbox


I send a PM

Buyer on the arcade stick backed out I’ll do $100 + shipping for the TE if someone gets this quickly