PS3 SF IV offline lag

It’s hard to explain this “offline lag” issue but it’s like a small hiccup/fps drop in the game for a couple of seconds. It doesn’t happen frequently. I received it like 30 minutes ago playing offline versus matches. Other time I received it was like 4 months ago. Does anyone else experience this? Could it be a lot of people signing on/off of the PSN at one time? I did notice quite a lot of people doing that before it did the fps thing on me. :lame:

There was a thread about the framerate dropping on the 360 version when playing on the drive in stage with Akuma and Viper. I have experienced this playing as Akuma and hitting someone with a red fireball.

I’ve had this before, just a few times (also experienced it over at a friend his PS3) it does seem to be happen when people in your friend list are logging on/off

Never experienced it with the ethernet cable plugged out… so there’s the solution I guess…
bummer if you do the wireless thing :confused:

Never experienced this.

This hasn’t happened to me in SF4. Hopefully your blu-ray drive isn’t going to shit. I would notice lag while playing Uncharted, then it finally died on me. Had to cough up $150 to fix the thing since it was out of warranty.

it happens, definitely.

It’s has to do with network notifications.