PS3 SF4 owners PLEASE READ THIS! (NAT settings in post 21)


For the Love of all that is good and great in this world PLEASE INSTALL SF4 TO YOUR PS3!!! I only got online battles for a few times and the regular loading time for sf4 on ps3 is retarded!!!:annoy::wasted: When you install the game it cuts down on the loading time a lot!!! That should have been the 1st thing you did when you got sf4 imo. That’s what I did when I put sf4 in my ps3. Trust me when I tell you it will make the loading time like the arcade loading time. Someone PLEASE STICKY this thread because it’s VERY important!!!



I had 3 people in a row that did not install the game. I thought it was a habit with Ps3 games to have it installed the moment you put it in. Unless you play multiple games and and your HD is full.


How do I install SF4 on the Hard Drive of the PS3? Any step by steps, please?


thats a good question khameleon … i would like to know that as well



Options>System settings>Install



through system settings right under cut scene Subs


first thing i did when i turned the game on lol


I can’t see a single reason to NOT install the game, it’s all positive.


LOL, yup, same here, same here.


i think it took me 1 match online to install it. everyone do eeet


i thought it was automatic and necessary. its annoying but it works


I haven’t really noticed to much, has anyone timed it?




thanks for the info i havent noticed any time outs yet.


I think most people don’t even know you can. I installed it first thing because I knew it had the option before I got the game. I don’t think i’ve played against anyone who hasn’t installed it yet (done about 20 matches).


i think i did already, it told me to update or something just before i played.


if my opponent picks ken or sagat in ranked matches, I know that it’s going to take 20 seconds to load



no you didn’t install the game by doing the update, you need to go to the options and choose install. When I played the game for the first time and saw how long it took to load, I figured they added an option to install some of the game data (and because I so smart, I was correct)


oh my bad thx for the clarification, i’ll need to do that whenever i’m back on.


Also, just for the record, it takes up a little over two gigs on yer HD and takes between five and ten minutes to install. While you’re waiting, you can enjoy the silvered sounds of “Indestructible” looped for the entire procedure. Crank that bitch up.



But on a serious note, i’ve fought a lot of people that didn’t install sf4 yet. Just spread the word for ps3 owners of the game. It’s a must that everyone installs the game imo!