PS3 SF4AE - Downloading Replays From Friends

Hey all,

Curious about this one little thing. I play online over at a friend’s place quite often, actually more than I play at mine currently. I’ve played some really great matches over there and I was curious if there was any way to send the replay or, at least, give the option to download it from a replay channel.

We tried a little bit last night but couldn’t find out what to do or even if it was possible.

Holler back. If you can’t do this, Capcom, you need to be on it ya hear? :rofl:
(while you’re at it, allow of offline replay capture too y’all!)


Well, if you are using your friend’s gamertag/(whatever it is called for the PSN equivalent), have you tried setting your replay channel to follow your friend’s…dohicky… to automatically catch all his replays? Witch would mean it would also catch your replays. If you merely migrate your online identity via a jumpdrive or something, maybe save it to the jumpdrive? I don’t know your setup, and since I don’t own a PS3, I can’t say I know too much about how to help on this one, but I’ll help as best I can.

Kick ass my friend, definitely appreciate the effort here. A stout e-beer for ya, matey!

Not exactly too sure what we did last night but I did end up with one of his replays so I know this is possible. There are maybe seven or eight replays he has currently that I’d like on mine so I guess we’re just going to have to re-trace our steps from last night and see what works. I did a search about this here and nothing really popped up (maybe didn’t search it “right”). Once I find the absolute answer, I’ll repost here incase anyone else is curious and can’t find anything in search either.

Will post again tonight!
Peace y’all
(and thanks for the words again WD)