PS3 SFIV players lobby

As you all know, SRK has been down several times these last few days. It’s a real pain in the ass to have to keep refreshing so the A2 GGPO room suggested that everyone meet in the A2 GGPO room to make games and chat. - Get GGPO here

Get the Street Fighter Alpha 2 rom somehow :wink:

Use this lobby to request games and chat about strategies. It’s much better than using PSN messages :rofl:

get in here guys. if ur pc r next to ur t.vs like mine rsx douj and pretty much everyone in the a2 room then this is the lobby u need to be for sf4.

I’m gonna give this a shot. Dying to play some good players for once that don’t use Ken. :rolleyes:

Edit: wrong thread

stop being lazy and download ggpo!!!

I can’t get GGPO. Couldn’t we find some other way like a MIRC room or something?